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   Chapter 181 Meeting The Trap (Part One)

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Although Leila had confirmed the truth of the meeting, she felt something was wrong. Without thinking too much, she said, "Mr. Jin, I think you must have watched the plan of the program I posted online."

Hearing this, Mr. Jin nodded and said, "That scheme is really good."

When Leila heard this, she felt a little relieved. She continued, "I'm sure, with the fame of your TV station and the novel of our show, we'll definitely make a great success."

Mr. Jin's face was still calm, and he nodded.

"Indeed, but Miss song seems to have neglected one drawback."

Leila was shocked by his words. She didn't know what the downside of his words was, but she always had a hunch that it was not good.

Mr. Jin glanced at her and said, "You are the chairman of that company, so you are very clear about what's going on in that company. To put it bluntly, almost all the stars in your company are out of the third tier. With such a high reputation, it is difficult for this show to play its role."

Leila was surprised. She had thought about that before.

And that was also the reason why she didn't want to cooperate with big TV stations like the Amy TV.

She was confident in her own plan, but she was also hesitant about the artists in her company.

It was not because she doubted the ability of the stars in their company, but because they were not famous enough.

"I know that too. But I have a proposal which I mentioned clearly. If your company would like to accept me, they would have to accept our artists as well."

Hearing what Leila said, Mr. Jin raised his eyebrows.

"That's true, but we both don't want to cooperate with you in this matter, but we also don't want Miss Song to be involved in it. It's a great

tars of your company, it is not impossible."

Although Leila was a little dizzy, she heard what he said clearly and her face twitched.

Did he mean that there might be an opportunity for them to cooperate with each other?

When she was very happy, Mr. Jin's next words and actions made her blood freeze.

"I've heard that the woman in Mr. Mu's love house is a beautiful woman. Today I finally meet her. It's true."

As he spoke, he pulled up Leila's hand from the table. Leila was overwhelmed by disgust at his touch.

"Mr. Jin, please behave yourself!"

Leila tried to draw back her hand with all her strength but failed. Mr. Jin didn't stop.

He seemed to be watching a clown. As the alarm bell rang in Leila's heart, she didn't expect that the handsome Mr. Jin was actually a man with a beast heart!

He was right. He was in PD, a school known as PD, but in fact he was a man like that! What a vulgar man!

"Miss Song, you don't have to pretend to be pure and lofty anymore. We both know what kind of people we are. As long as you stay with me for one night, the cooperation between our two families will be settled. What do you think?"

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