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   Chapter 180 Cooperate TV Station

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10869

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So she had to delete all the TV stations in the country one by one in order to pick the most suitable one.

And this project was very huge. If she only relied on Wendi, she would probably be very tired. She couldn't selfishly add the work that originally belonged to her on Wendi.

After entering the company, she went straight to Wendi's office. She saw Wendi selecting materials for comparison on TV channels on her desk.

"Well, do you have anyone suitable?"

Leila asked. Hearing what she said, Wendi raised her head from a pile of documents and shook her head. "No, I didn't."

In fact, Leila had guessed the answer. She nodded and sat down opposite Wendi.

But after a whole morning's search, her business partner still didn't find what she was thinking. As a result, both of them felt tired and frustrated.

"Why don't we just forget about the partners and find another suitable one?"

In fact, Leila didn't plan to make the final decision so quickly if she had enough time. But the fact was that it was closely related to the development of her company's artists. If she didn't recommend her artists in a short time, it would be more difficult for her artists to develop in the future.

It was not easy for them to make a living in the entertainment circle.

The earlier they entered the entertainment circle, the better for their future development.

"No way. That's a good idea. What a pity to choose one from them!"

Wendi was the first to disagree. Wendi didn't think Leila should spoil her work like that.

What a good plan! All they needed to do was to find a suitable partner and make it a deal. Although it was a little difficult at first, it would be a great platform for them if things went well in the future.

"But it's not a good way like this,"

Said Leila. Although she knew that it was for her own good, she didn't want to trouble Wendi for her own sake.

"It's okay. It just took us some more time. This morning I selected several TV stations. We can discuss it later."

Wendi waved the documents in her hand, and Leila had to listened to her.

"Then let's do as you said. Let's have dinner first."

Leila said while checking the item in her hand. Just when Wendi was about to agree, the mobile phone on the table suddenly vibrated. She looked at Leila and gave her a hint with her eyes.

The phone on the table was exactly Leila's. she looked at the strange number and was confused. Generally, her number would never be exposed, so there were very few strange calls.

She pressed the answer key, "Hello, I am Leila."

The other end of the phone was silent for a long time. When Leila thought that the call was wrong, a voice came over.

"Are you Miss Song?"

The voice over the phone asked. Leila answered, "Yes, I am. Who are you?"

"I'm PD from YN TV. It's fun to see your plan in the Internet. Do you have time to discuss it?"

Hearing this, Leila looked surprised. She did discuss the whole plan online.

Over the past few days, a lot of companies were looking for her, but they all called the company, and no one would call her personal number.

But they were all small companies. She had no interest in cooperating with them.

The person who was talking to her on the ph

adiance that displayed in the city.

Many people were ready to take action. People were unaware of this situation and were still sleeping.

When she woke up, she was still unconscious.

"Hello, what's wrong?"

Standing by the side of the road, Leila felt it was like a quiet painting in this real world, in which there were a stream of people passing by. Hearing the sound of Wendi from the other end of the phone, she couldn't help but frown.

"Something happened at home, so I'm afraid I can't go with you today."

Leila knew that Wendi was always doing her best for her company, so she would not stand her up at this critical moment.

There might be more important things for her to carry out as she broke her promise to her. However, he was a little worried to let her face PD alone.

"Okay. You can come back to work after you finish your own business."

Leila said to Wendi on the other side of the phone, Wendi she simply said yes to her and hung up. After that, the phone went black, and Leila heaved a sigh.

She was used to being with the help of Wendi. It was hard for her to accept the truth alone.

But that was what she had to face, and she couldn't always rely on Wendi for the rest of her life.

She took a deep breath, tidied the clothing and entered the dining room.

There was still half an hour ahead of the time they had agreed on yesterday. Leila didn't want to be late in front of Mr. Jin for fear that she would leave a good impression on him, so she came early.

When she came to the private room, Mr. Jin had not yet arrived. Leila breathed a sigh of relief, sat on the sofa, quietly waiting for him.

As time ticked by, when it was almost 11 o'clock, the door of the room was opened and Leila's heart skipped a beat.

Looking at the middle-aged man coming in in front of the door, she said politely.

"Mr. Jin."

Mr. Jin also nodded politely to her, and then sat down opposite her.

Leila had doubted the authenticity of the meeting, but she felt relieved after seeing the man. She had seen him on TV before.

She knew that she was right. Leila knew that he was in PD international, a fiancé from YN TV.

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