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   Chapter 179 Preparation Before The Press Conference

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She needed to dispel the suspicion and suspicion about her from Johnson before the fashion week show, so she needed the help of Daisy. Naturally, she would not tell Daisy directly. She definitely wouldn't agree to help because they were not good friends.

Leila was fully aware of this. So she didn't expect that her sister Daisy would help her. But even if Daisy didn't want to help her this time, she had to.

"Mr. Zhou, can you help me give this document to Miss Daisy?"

As Leila said, she handed the documents in her hands to Freddy. Freddy nodded and said, "of course I can."

Leila added, "I hope Mr. Zhou can help me anonymously."

She blurted it out, implying that she didn't want Daisy to know the paper was sent by Leila. Freddy was a smart man, so he knew exactly what Leila was going to say at once. He nodded and said, "Rest assured, Miss Leila. I will handle this for you."

Hearing this, Leila answered with relief. Then she added, "Mr. Zhou, can you do me a favor?"

"Yes, my lady." Gregorio answered without hesitation

"It's about the document. I want Mr. Zhou to send me a message."

As Leila said so, her eyes fell on Freddy, and saw that he was waiting for her words. She continued, "When this document is sent to Miss Daisy, can you make a fake news that the document is very important to me?"

Although Freddy did not know why she did this, since it was the request of the mastermind, he had no reason to refuse.

"Of course, Miss Leila."

He would definitely do what he said to tempt Freddy earlier as long as he could get benefits. Leila was not worried about that at all. She was worried that whether Daisy would do what she thought?

But she might know the answer tomorrow.

"Thank you, Mr. Zhou. But it's getting late. It's time to go back. Please make more preparations for the recruitment of the Mu Group."

Before leaving, Leila mentioned the matters of re applying to cloud advertising company to Freddy.

After all, she wouldn't get involved in this matter and it depended on Freddy's own ability. But he had to owe this favor to her.

Freddy, however, didn't know what was on her mind. He nodded with a smile and said, "Thank you, Miss Leila. I won't let you down."

Leila nodded and said nothing. Then she picked up her handbag and left the company. Behind Leila, Freddy raised his eyebrows while reading the document in his hand. He went to the office of Daisy.

Her status in the company was promoted a lot since the relationship between Daisy and the chairman of the Thousand Ming group made rapid progress.

But Daisy didn't tell Johnson the truth. Daisy just said that her and the chairman of Thousand Ming were congenial and she were adopted as goddaughters.

Of course, Johnson didn't mind. He didn't know the relationship between his wife and the chairman of Thousand Ming Group Wayne, so he was very satisfied with such a situation that was conducive to the progress of the business, just like that between Leila and Max.

Whenever it was convenient for his wor

u think?"

Hearing Max said like that, Leila was even more puzzled. She thought, 'is it because I came back late this time?

Leila said nervously, "I'm sorry. I have something to do. I'm late."

Hearing her words, Max looked straight into her eyes and said, "Then do you know how to compensate me?"

Leila's face flushed. In fact, she could feel that Max wasn't really angry this time, but joking with her. But that wasn't a joke. If she didn't follow his advice, he would be really angry, and what Leila didn't want to see the most was his angry appearance.

As the power of Max gradually decreased, she left his embrace. Then, as if she had made some decision, she stood on tiptoe and kissed him actively.

Max's eyes turned deep. He hadn't thought that his words would make the little woman in front of him understand it so deeply.

But they were connected in mind and had a tacit understanding. He put his arms around her waist and pulled her back into his arms. He kissed her harder.

Leila soon gave in and cuddled in his arms, unable to move.

Because of her mischief, he had long said that the little woman in front of him was able to make him fall in love with her even if she didn't do anything.

This was an irresistible force. Max naturally could not disobey this natural rule.

When Leila came to her senses, she had been carried to the bedroom and thrown on the soft bed.

They were all clear what would happen next. Though Leila was a little shy, she didn't refuse.

When the bedroom door was closed, the romantic was also closed.

The next morning, when Leila woke up, she didn't find Max. She cleared her room and went back to her company.

She believed that the result of the task she asked Freddy to do yesterday should be good. But now she had no time to care about it. What she needed to do now was to find TV station with Wendi.

Although her ideal TV station was easy to speak, it was difficult to find a suitable partner. After all, no TV station was that suitable for her.

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