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   Chapter 178 Help Each Other

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Leila glanced at her indifferently without any response. She returned to the Song Group to make preparations for this.

In order to dispel his doubts, Leila had to make Johnson believe that she didn't do it in person, but with a title.

But if she told him about it herself, Johnson wouldn't believe her. She needed an assistant.

As for this assistant, it seemed that there was no one else except for Daisy.

If Johnson's accident was known by Daisy, he would have no doubt about it. She was a honest and honest person in his heart, and the conflicts between her and Daisy. Johnson was also aware of it. She would never take sides with her, and this was enough to make him trust her. She could totally rest assured.

When she thought of this, Leila was packing up, ready to go to Song Group, and Wendi whispered behind her: "Last time you said, Thousand Ming company was behind Daisy, you should be careful."

Reminded by Wendi, Leila remembered that last time when she took over the AS Group, she found that there was a relationship between Daisy and the Thousand Ming entertainment company. At present, it was not clear about the relationship. But with this backstage, Daisy must be more straightened up, and by that time it may be more difficult for her to deal with.

But Leila was a tough opponent. She believed that the trouble of Daisy would be settled perfectly in the absence of diligent.

She nodded, beckoned Wendi to look after her, and then left the company.

On her way to the Song Group, Robert caught a glimpse of her in the rear-view mirror. "Why do you want to come here all of a sudden?" Robert asked.

Leila raised her eyebrows and said casually, "For helper."

'Helper?'? Robert was confused, but he did not ask much. Presumably this was also very important. Otherwise, she would not go to Song Group at this time.

It was getting dark. If she couldn't get back to the apartment before it got dark, the result would be different.

Leila was fully aware of this. She must make her plan quick.

After getting off the car, many employees had stood in front of the French windows of the Song Group. They all looked at her strangely.

Leila had long been immune to such attention, so she calmly walked into the company.

If she thought carefully, it has been a long time since she came back to the company. Her haven't come back to the company since she went to Sanya last time. It has been more than half a month since she went back.

In addition, she had been devoted to the entertainment company before, so she didn't pay much attention to Song Group. But she was not worried about the shares of Song Group, because there was Mr. Dong who helped her to take care of the overall situation. She trusted him, because

if you want to enter the Mu Group, you need to sign up in advance. Then during the interview, I will communicate with the examiner. It's basically no problem."

When Freddy heard what Leila said, he was completely relieved. Since she still had a way to help him, then he didn't need to worry about it, but now he didn't have the mood to jump out.

Even if Leila helped him get his job in the Mu Group, he wouldn't become a top executive in a short time. He had to take it step by step, so he had to adapt himself well.

It had to be said that Freddy was still a person who knew how to long-term fishing, and he did not give up the future for a little profit.

Leila knew that although Freddy was greedy for profit, he was a capable man. So even if he entered the Mu Group, she would not lose anything, but he still let her feel worried about his character.

Of course, she would not talk to the examiners like what she said. Because under the strength of the Mu Group, it was not impossible for Freddy to enter the Mu Group because of their group's strength. And they generally had a strong foothold in this group. But the fact that Freddy didn't know the Mu Group's strength was not far more powerful than what he had imagined before.

As long as she could calm him down, she could solve the problem.

If he attended the interview of Mu Group, it would not be her business.

But she didn't allow him to skip a job now because she still had something need him to do. So Leila said, "the Mu Group is developed every three years, so I can only recruit new members within half a year."

Leila's tone was serious, and Freddy also could not help but look serious. He answered, "I will not let you down, Miss Leila ."

Leila nodded. It was time to tell him that she had decided what to do with Freddy, or she needed his help.

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