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   Chapter 177 The Wedding

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10492

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She did have a crush on him, or even a closer relationship with him, but it didn't mean that she would marry him. Her own matter hadn't been over yet, and even if she finished dealing with it, she wouldn't be so eager to make an engagement with him.

She didn't mean to describe them with hypocrisy or not, but their relationship hadn't reached that state, especially when it came to Max for herself.

She knew how deep her love was, so she was also very clear in her heart.

She didn't want Max to be regretful after getting married because of this mishap.

"Leila ever thought about this?"

Finally, it came. What Senior Mr. Mu said pushed Leila to the edge of the storm. For a moment, both her eyes stared at Leila, which panicked her. She bit her lips, not knowing how to answer.

If she said no to them face-to-face, not only would Max get angry, but even her father Senior Mr. Mu would have a strange opinion of her. But if she agreed, she would really be in a trouble for the rest of her life. What if Max realized that he was just a temporary impulse, not a true love? What should she do?

When Max saw the little woman in front of him think deeply and without an answer, he showed a complicated expression.

In the past, he would never ask for her opinion. He always wanted to get what he wanted, and he would try every means to pull her to his side. He would never ask her opinions.

But now, he couldn't be so reckless as before.

Of course, he could also guess Leila's concerns, she must have a sense of insecurity, so she looked so confused and hesitant.

This time, he wouldn't force her.

Looking at Leila's reaction, Senior Mr. Mu was more certain that she was not greedy for wealth. Many girls would be very excited when hearing this, after all, being able to marry a CEO of a group which could be sold in South Sea, almost wealthy and occupying the center of the domestic economic market.

In fact, no girl could refuse such a temptation from a rich family.

But she was hesitating, not about how to euphemistically promise. Senior Mr. Mu was a man of high self-knowledge, and he would never make a wrong judgment. He could feel the complicated emotion of Leila.

She was wondering how to refuse him, but not how to accept him.

He was sure about that.

He arched his brows and thought, 'it seems that the woman my son has a crush on is not simple. But it takes my son some time and effort to win her heart.'.

"Since you haven't discussed it yet, let's wait and see."

Hearing Senior Mr. Mu said like this, Leila stopped being aggressive. Leila breathed a sigh of relief when Senior Mr. Mu said this before she gave an answer. Max's eyes were deep, and he said in a low voice: "OK."

At the beginning, she felt like she could hardly eat anything.

After Leila had a few bites like chewing wax, she stopped eating. Senior Mr. Mu saw through her mind and didn't make trouble for her, but Max didn't stop eating. Instead, he looked indifferent and elegant.

After lunch, Leila sat on the sofa, holding a cup of water and taking a sip.

"Let's go." said Max.

His words brought Leila b

for Leila who had her own ideas.

But it's completely meaningless to find a TV station that was not better than her own company.

Her initial plan was to make the stars famous using the fame of TV stations. And it would be of no use if she cooperated with a TV station which was even less famous than hers?

Although all kinds of costs were relatively cheap, but it was useless if it had no effect. Leila would rather choose a good result than a cheap one.

So only when the two companies were well matched could they give full play to each other's strength and role.

Since they didn't want to cooperate, neither of them would feel wronged. This was the best way for the cooperation.

This was how Leila's ideal cooperative TV station worked.

Now that she had drawn the circle, she only needed to look for a partner according to the range, which greatly reduced her work load.

"By the way, I heard that the Mu Group is going to hold their fashion week."

Hearing Wendi said like this, Leila was in a daze for a while. A fashion date was on? Why didn't she hear about it?

Although she didn't actually take charge of the designer of this fashion week, she schemed most of it in person. It was so impolite of her to not be informed of the coming event.

When Max and Leila were together, she didn't hear any news about this matter from Max. She had thought that it would be held after a period of time, but she didn't expect it to be so fast!

What's more, she hadn't made a corresponding plan to dispel Johnson's doubts. If he found her real strength and controlled it on the launch of fashion week, her actions would be greatly hindered. It was a very disadvantageous situation for her.

The news Wendi gave just came in a rush, and took a lot of time out of her. What she had to do now was to deal with the preparation before the launch of the fashion week. So Johnson wouldn't suspect her.

"It seems that I have to go to the Song Group now."

Leila said in a helpless tone. Wendi knew what she wanted to do. She patted her shoulder and encouraged, "Come on!"

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