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   Chapter 176 Visit Senior Mr. Mu

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Leila didn't know why Rosa was here. Maybe she was told about this by Max, but she didn't know.

But this kind of situation still made her a little uncomfortable, and she kept rejecting Rosa from the bottom of her heart. It was not because Rosa was Max's childhood sweetheart, or she was his former lover, but her attitude with one-sided attitude made her feel uncomfortable.

Although her relationship with Max wasn't as stiff as before and they were even more harmonious. But as for the topic of "Rosa", she couldn't bring it up in front of Max naturally.

It was not because she was afraid that Max would have different opinions with her because of this matter, but because she couldn't open her mouth to say that. After all, she still didn't like Rosa.

Surely, there would be magnet conflicts between a person who was belonging to a rival in love. If she and Rosa were two irrelevant people, they wouldn't reject them so much. However, there was Max between them, which made them impossible to become friends.

Even the average person would not be like that.

Even if Leila didn't provoke Rosa, Rosa would take the initiative to attack her. Such a result was not what Leila wanted. She just wanted to quietly do her part.

But he also deeply understood that if a woman was determined to be with a man, she would never give up so easily. Just like her current relationship with Max, she would not easily give up.

She could understand what was on Rosa's mind, but it didn't mean that she would make a concession.

The final result would still depend on the two of them. Who could stay longer in the heart of Max.

Compared with the past, Leila's mind was a totally different one. In the past, she just wanted to escape and do her own job. She didn't want to get involved in the resentment between them. But now she had a totally different idea.

She wanted to seize the happiness she should have. Since she and Max both had feelings for each other, why couldn't they continue? Leila was always a woman with no sense of shame in her heart.

So Leila felt relaxed after she made up her mind. She glanced at Rosa, who was still standing there and smiling.

She would not attack unless she was attacked. But if anyone crossed her line, she would not hesitate to fight back.

After all, Leila was not a coward. As long as she was threatened, she would give out her instinctive reaction. She hoped that Rosa could understand her. She didn't want to be so shameless.

She wasn't the Virgin Mary. She wouldn't tolerate any situations.

On the other hand, both of them knew that Rosa was not a benevolent woman, and they were not going to let go of each other easily. It was just a matter of time.

After calming herself down, Leila walked up to the sofa and sat down. At that moment, Max was talking with Senior Mr. Mu upstairs. Then, Rosa came over and sat beside her. They didn't talk with each other, as if the atmosphere was in a dead silence.

When Max came downstairs, he saw the scene that two women sat on the sofa and didn't talk to each other. Leila looked indifferent all the time, as if nothing had happened, but Rosa was not so calm.

Wasn't he afraid that Spencer might hurt himself after giving Spencer the southern company so easily?

But this was a matter of the Mu Family, not hers. Having broken up with Leila, she kept silent with a smile on her face.

Senior Mr. Mu adored the little girl very much. Compared to Rosa, he preferred an innocent girl.

The Mu Family had a large business empire and many people came for it. Although Senior Mr. Mu didn't agree when he knew that Max had hidden a little girl, he changed his mind after making contact with her. It seemed that this little girl wasn't harmful.

He hoped that his son could find a family to rely on. Besides, he hadn't been in very good health recently. If he could have a grandson earlier, it would be a happier thing.

Senior Mr. Mu was calculating in his mind. His eyes had betrayed everything. Looking at Leila's eyes, Leila could not help but feel a twinge of fear. What was the feeling of being calculated?

Without too much guess, Senior Mr. Mu asked her, "When are you going to get engaged?"

Leila was completely petrified when she heard that. She had never thought of the word "engagement" before. Although she had been with him for a long time, he had never revealed this aspect to her. And she never believed that she and Max would get married, so she was confused.

Although the pattern they got along with each other these days was different from before, Leila hadn't thought about it. Now Senior Mr. Mu asked her in front of her, she was suddenly at a loss.

Compared to Leila, Max was much calmer.

"Not decided yet."

Leila was even more shocked by Max's words?

He didn't refuse his arrangement, but said 'not decided yet.' his unspoken words referred to the she would engagement with him?

How is that possible? Didn't he promise her that they would only be in this relationship? Wouldn't she think more about other things? Why did he suddenly change his mind now.

She was taken aback by such a change and could not accept it for a time.

Obviously, by saying that, Max subconsciously believed that she would promise, but Leila didn't.

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