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   Chapter 172 Curiosity Killed The Cat (Part One)

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Wendi was the kind of person who was always act fast. She was very efficient. After she finished talking with Leila, she had already made an appointment with a program planner within a short time.

"I have an appointment with him. We will have a meeting at 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon, and then I will go with you."

At her words, Leila nodded. She had always been at ease about her. Her working ability was almost the same as hers, and she also had the absolute rights and interests for her. Why couldn't she give her all of the trust?

"Oh, have you seen the video?"

Hearing that, Leila paused and answered, "No, Max has assigned the mission to someone else."

Hearing what Leila said, Wendi raised her eyebrows and asked, "Why?"

Leila had a lot of doubts in her heart. She also wanted to ask someone why, but she couldn't say it in front of Max. So she could only swallow her doubts and Wendi ask her in a roundabout way. Naturally, she had no answer.

"I don't know."

Leila didn't know, but it didn't mean that even Wendi couldn't understand. Everyone knew that as an outsider of the two of them, she could figure out what was in Max's mind.

Because all the pictures were taken under the photographer's control, and the photographer happened to be Hunter. Hunter felt the same way to Leila, which could be sensed except by the two people involved. However, Hunter couldn't change Max feelings towards Leila, which was the first reaction when Wendi saw the scene. Of course, she thought it will be right.

And the reason why Max didn't allow Leila to choose a movie with him might be that he didn't want them to have too much contact with each other.

She could understand why men were so chauvinist.



"Don't move."

For some reason, he couldn't control his desire for Leila.

He just couldn't resist the desire to hold her in his arms when he saw her.

At this moment, her soft body and fragrant smell were lingering around his nose and chest, which aroused a strong desire in his heart.

Leila couldn't move in an instant. Naturally, she could feel the change in his body. She couldn't help but secretly scold him. How could he be so energetic after having sex with her yesterday!

After a long time, his desire was finally suppressed by him, and Max knew that this little woman absolutely couldn't bear another sex.

He put her down with great pity. As Leila steadied herself, she immediately moved a safe distance away from him. Her behavior caused many dissatisfaction, but Max didn't show much.

This kind of self-defense action could still be shown in her heart. And in her heart, she still couldn't completely trust him and drop all her defenses.

What he wanted was not only the relationship between he and Leila, but also the fact that Leila loved him with all her heart and soul and there was no other man in her heart.

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