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   Chapter 171 Best Friends

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She had to admit that fate was a very tricky thing. It reminded Hanson of the last time when he met with Leila, he had always been disdainful of her. There were a lot of rumors about her in the outside world. Although he didn't trust her completely, he still had a bad impression of this woman.

For people he didn't like, Hanson would never show any kind expression. It was just because of the conversation last time, he felt that he was too impulsive when he remembered later. He couldn't jump to a conclusion about her because of those rumors.

When chatting with Leila, he knew that she was not that domineering and arrogant as it was said. Compared with her, she knew well about retreat and tolerance. So she didn't fall out with him because of his attitude last time when they talked.

Compared with the last time he met her, this time he felt much more embarrassed. Last time Hanson was so rude that she couldn't forgive him.

Therefore, as soon as they met each other, he apologized to her: "Miss Song, I feel sorry for my attitude last time."

What he said surprised Leila. She didn't expect a thoughtful man like Hanson to say something like that. And the sincerity on his face was so real that Leila thought he wasn't faking it.

She had thought that maybe it was because of his personality that Hanson was so indifferent to her, but now it seemed that it was not the case. He should be as cold as others because of the misunderstanding between them.

This had happened many times, she no longer cared, and she was accustomed to treating people this way.

"It doesn't matter. You are not the only one here anyway."

Her tone was rather nifty. Leila looked more lovely with a smile on her face and her outfit!

A glimmer of amazement flashed through Hanson's eyes. It was said that the woman by the side of Max this time was very different than before. Although she was not that breathtakingly beautiful, she was very patient, and had a unique temperament that ordinary people would not have.

Hanson had seen a lot of beautiful women, but rare people as generous as Leila was to make fun of her dark dot.

There is never a lack of beauties in the world. But the world is short of smartness and inner beauties. Leila's beauty combining these two points, so she is dazzling so that people can't take their eyes off her. Lifting his eyebrows, Hanson thought that there are many rumors about her.

But there was one thing that didn't make sense, which was Leila's unique beauty.

Human beings always held the attitude of appreciation to beautiful things. Hanson turned her eyes and changed the topic.

"Miss Song, what's your purpose of this meeting?"

Now that AS Group had been acquired by her, Hanson would not only be the chairman of the group, but also make preparations for the entertainment group.

To put it simply, Hanson was now an employee of Leila.

"I want the two artists to be a team member,"

Leila's words surprised Hanson. Hanson thought for a while and agreed with Leila.

Although he was no longer the b

the result was not as expected only based on her own opinion, she might take this opportunity to publicize a new program, so that the audience and netizens could know whether the star was suitable for the group.

It was also a way to promote the stars. It can promote all the people on a platform at one time, which saves the trouble and time for someone to be on the stage in the future.

As for how they could grasp the eyes of the audience and how much they meant to the audience, it all depended on their performance.

Leila told this to Wendi, who was amazed and then Wendi filled with surprise.

"That's a good idea!"

Wendi never doubted Leila's idea, but this time was a big surprise for her. Like last time when she filmed in Chinese costume Hanfu, her theme was novel but didn't escape people's attention.

She behaved well. In this way, she could not only attract the audience, but also achieve her goal.

As a handsome and famous star, all the stars in their company were of bright appearance, and they had a very novel impression of the idol's growth.

The talent show had not been launched in the market yet, so she had to make an appointment with a crew of the program to share her ideas and ideas. If they had a good conversation, the matter would be finalized.

Pausing for a moment, Wendi said, "Wait for me. I'll help you make an appointment with the planner."

The surprised look on her face was obvious. It seemed that Wendi was not only the head of the company, but also her secretary, An employee who wholeheartedly took care of her life and work is really rare, not to mention that this employee is her best friend.

Their relationship had reached the point of having everything to talk. Their trust in each other had surpassed that of anyone else. Leila licked her lips, and she was not uneasy about such a change.

She didn't have the same feelings when she with Astrid before, and she and Wendi never felt depressed or changed because of each other.

This was the best state of friendship.

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