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   Chapter 169 Go For It

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10613

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At noon, Leila came to the Mu Group. At this time, almost all the employees went downstairs to have lunch, but not including Max. She knew that he always had lunch an hour later than others, so she came in time.

But it was still an irresistible temptation. She kept Max's hobbies and hobbies even remembered the time schedule clearly, presumably the sequel from the beginning to now, reflexively bringing him into her own life, and there was no way to change it.

However, since they had determined to be together, she didn't need to care about these small details. She came to the office of Max.

To her surprise, he wasn't there. Leila walked into the office and looked around, but she didn't see him. There was no doubt in her eyes. He used to be in the office at this time. What happened today?

Though confused, Leila didn't look for him, because she knew that he would come back here and waited for her in the office.

There was a document on his desk, which she accidentally saw from the corner of her eyes. Her eyes were instantly attracted.

Several vigorous words were written on it.

"Contract to acquire AS Group..."

She could not help but think of the fact that although he had given her the company as a gift, she had not read the contract carefully till now. Because, in a way, she was still reluctant to do this in her heart.

It was like her life had been arranged by him. She had to follow his arrangement, and there could not be any deviation.

Leila didn't want to be imprisoned in a room like this.

But now when she looked at the contract, a strange feeling arose in her heart. As usual, she walked to the office desk and opened the contract. After looking at it a few times, she suddenly froze in place.

He had always thought that the acquisition of AS Group was nothing to the Mu Group.

But this time it was a little different from what she had expected.

Before that, she also knew that she had missed the best opportunity to acquire the as. If she intervened at this time, it was unpredictable whether she could pull the AS back or not.

However, since she believed that everything could be solved by Max, she didn't pay too much attention to that. She didn't know it until she saw the contract today.

It was an unfair contract. That was to say, Max was using his company's resources to acquire the AS, to be exact, an temptation.

In fact, his purpose to acquire the AS in his company wasn't significant. After all, the Mu Group wasn't good at entertainment company. He did it for her company's sake.

He did so much for her but she did not put it in mind. She even thought that he did it in order to threaten her.

It was not until today that she realized how bad her attitude had been to Jean.

Overwhelmed by guilt, Leila stood dully in front of the desk, not noticing the figure standing in front of the door.

When Max came in, he saw Leila standing in front of the desk with a contract in her hand, lost in thought. She had an indescribable feeling on her.

She wasn't even aware when he got close to her. Apparently, she was losing her mind.

"When did you come here?"

Hearing that, Leila was sho

tle woman opposite to him, with a smile forming between his eyebrows. It seemed that he didn't realize it, and he was more pleased with the relationship after the confirmation of their relationship.

"I will pick out the movies on my way back to the company this afternoon."

Hearing what Leila said, Max nodded, knowing that she was talking about the theme photos she had taken in Hainan.

But soon, an image of Hunter flashed across his mind. He was a little unhappy. As a man, he was keenly aware that Hunter had a special feeling to Leila.

He didn't allow anyone to cast greedy eyes on his woman, and he wouldn't allow anyone to pick on her, even if Leila didn't know it.

"You don't need to go there this afternoon. I'll have someone take over this,"

He had promised Leila to help her, but he changed his mind in a twinkling of an eye. Leila had no idea why he was so fickle. She blinked at Max and looked innocent, which made her throat tighten.

She never knew how attractive her appearance was. If she fell in the eyes of other men, she would probably cause another commotion. How could he allow such a woman with lust between her every single move and smile to show such charm in front of other men casually?

"No way!"

At last, she had no choice but to speak it out in this overbearing tone. Leila nodded and agreed. Anyway, she had to follow every word he said. It was better to obey him than to resist him. Anyway, it had nothing to do with her this time, and she didn't care whether she would go or not.

However, she was still dissatisfied with his male chauvinism, but she could only whisper it in her heart. She dared not say her dissatisfaction in front of him unless she wanted to die.

"If you want to find someone else, you can turn to Sara."

After all, Leila was the leader of the project and she didn't want the matter to be a mess. Max always demanded her to be flawless, and she didn't want any flaws in it. The problem she worried about would never happen, but for an acquaintance, it was better to let the problem solved than to give someone she didn't know to do.

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