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   Chapter 168 Confirmation Of The Relationship

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The scene of them embracing each other was very harmonious under the moonlight. The sea of sunflowers around them rustled in the breeze and entered their dreams with a wisp of black fragrance.

When Leila woke up, she could smell the faint fragrance of flowers. Although the car window was closed, she could still feel the atmosphere outside.

But the rain, which was supposed to rain last night, had come precisely today. Looking at the raindrops on the window, Leila felt a chill in her heart.

She was fond of the word rain, especially the summer rain, which made her look so energetic.

Before Max woke up, she put on her clothes, leaned over the window, and watched the rain falling bit by bit. A very gentle smile appeared on her face.

The sea of sunflowers outside became brighter after being washed by the rain. They looked like unreal in the layers of raindrops, as if they were in a dream.

Such a beautiful scene was rare to see. At this time, Leila suddenly remembered what Rosa had told her. For a moment, she was somewhat dejected.

Although she didn't want to admit it, she had to understand that not only she and Max knew these sunflowers, there was another person besides them.

It felt as if she didn't want to admit that there was still a place in Max's heart for Rosa.

However, as she knew clearly that she was not powerful enough to say that, she suddenly fell into silence. It was a vicious cycle, and she could no longer walk out of it.

When Max opened his eyes, he saw that Leila was curling up in front of the window like a little cat, very cute.

Her watery eyes were staring out of the window, as if in a trance.

What was she thinking about?

It was the first thought of Max to know what was in her mind.

"What are you thinking about?"

If he wanted to know something or he wanted to do something, he would definitely complete it. So he said without hesitation. His sudden voice shocked Leila.

She turned back in a hurry, only to see Max's smiling eyes. To be honest, the smile on his face was so charming, but Leila seldom saw it.

She stood still and didn't know how to react. Max looked at her movements with satisfaction. He raised his hand and held her face, and his tone was like temptation.

"Tell me, what were you thinking just now?"

He still didn't let go of the question. Leila collected herself and asked casually, "When will we go back?"

When she calmly uttered these words, Leila's heart sank. She didn't know since when she could lie so casually.

And what made her more concerned was that Max believed in her words deeply and never doubted the truth of her words.

"In a minute."

Hearing Max said like that, Leila looked down and stopped talking. Her heart was like a roller coaster.

She didn't take her mind back until Max's car was star

her smile, which made Max's heart flipped.

They had a nice dinner together. During the dinner, Leila had opened her heart to Max. They had a good relationship. She seemed to be able to get along well with him.

In terms of skills, it should be her feeling. Wendi once said that Leila and Max were a natural couple and they would attract each other in a magnetic field. Therefore, they were able to attract each other without any disguise.

If they were in such a status now, Wendi would even surprise to see each other. She guessed that the relationship between them would be closer.

But it was not too late for Wendi to know about it. It was exactly the time she went to work the next day.

She sensed there was something different with Leila as Wendi looked at her. She raised her eyebrows and walked towards Leila. "What's the good news today?"

Hearing her question, Leila's heart skipped a beat. She knew she couldn't hide anything from Wendi, so she could guess what had happened to herself only by the changes in her expressions.

But it's really a good feeling to meet a bosom friend. She can understand her thoughts without her talking. Leila said, "It's nothing actually, but my relationship with him seemed to have changed a little."

Leila said as she gestured to Wendi and looked at her. She found it funny.

"Are you sure about it? Changing bit by bit?"

Leila's face flushed crimson with embarrassment.

"I admit that it is a lot different from before."

In the end, she still said so. From the expression change of her face, Wendi could guess that she was not pestering her.

"Are you going to the Mu Group to watch a movie today?"

Wendi asked. Leila nodded. She was no longer in charge of this project, but as the planner, if there was something wrong with the filming, she could give advice, so she had to go to the Mu Group this afternoon.

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