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   Chapter 166 A Question From Rosa

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10637

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Leila was taken to a place. The reason why she was surprised was that they had come to the sea of sunflowers she and Max came together last time.

Did she know this place?

It was not surprising that Rosa knew this place. After all, they grew up together since childhood. Although it had been seven years, they might still be affectionate to each other.

But still, she felt a little uncomfortable. She was not the first and last person to know about this place. When this idea came to her mind, she was shocked. She didn't know when she became so selfish.

It seemed as if she wanted to possess Max. She was shocked by her own idea. This idea was too bold!

Leaving aside the persistence of special feeling between her and Max.

The odds of them being together were small, based on their performance after they came back.

Moreover, in front of Leila, there was an enemy called Rosa. Leila didn't know that she had unwittingly regarded her as an enemy, which meant that she admitted her love for Max, even she was not saying it directly.

While Leila was lost in her thoughts, Rosa said, "I used to come here with Max in the past."

Hearing that, Leila raised her eyebrows. She didn't know what Rosa meant.

In any case, she shouldn't be afraid of Leila. After all, she had a relationship with Max for more than ten years, so Rosa was not inferior to Leila who just knew him for half a year. Moreover, she didn't think that Max would keep his interest to her for so long.

In addition to her personality, Rosa was a perfect woman in all other aspects. She should be confident in herself. Yet she was fearful and perturbed in her mind today, which was why Leila was brought to such a place.

From a psychological point of view, she did so just to make herself believe that the relationship between her and Max was impossible to surpass. This was a forcible psychological comfort.

There were only two reasons for her to have such mental and behavior: one was that she was too confident, and the other was that she was too self abased.

However, Rosa was not a woman of the only one type in the two classes, because she was confident and self-abased.

Leila had a better understanding of what was in Rosa's mind, but she still didn't know that Rosa brought her here with other reason except for the psychological impact. After all, Rosa had brought her here in front of Max, not just for the purpose of inviting her to see the sea of sunflowers, but what Rosa said today might have other effects.

"I don't want to know about your business. Why do you take me here?"

With Leila's calm tone, Rosa glanced at her. Although Rosa was surprised, but she soon regained her composure and asked, "what's your relationship with Max?"

Leila was amused by her question. They had known each other for a long time. Didn't she know the relationship between them? Why bother to ask her.

"I don't think I need to say anything about it. You should have investigated it clearly, right?"

In fact, before she came back from abroad, Rosa had already investigated her background.

She was just trying to make things clear between them. She didn't understand why Mr. Mu

stay overnight here?

She still remembered that last time she came with Max, she was almost frantic with mosquito bite at night. And today no one was with her. It was dark, and a bit of fear was inevitable to be born in the dark night. Leila was afraid of darkness, and only Max knew this.

But now, no one was there to talk to her or comfort her. It was really difficult for her to bear the darkness alone. Leila suddenly felt a panic.

She hastened to catch up with the direction that Rosa left, intending to stop her car. But the car ruthlessly disappeared from her sight, leaving her only an empty road.

The weather was very sunny today, and there was no cloud in the sky. But Leila was not in the mood to appreciate such a beautiful scene. If she did not return to the city center before dark, it meant that she had to face the darkness alone. It could be imagined how suffering it would be.

However, Rosa was really mad. She just abandoned her like this, not afraid that Max would guess the cause and then deeply disgusted with her. Perhaps, she had decided to be a traitor and let it be?

Leila was looking around in the deserted area. Apart from the sea of sunflowers, other things were rather depressing.

She panicked and tried to find a clue to go back. But the road was empty, and there was only her.

Because she was unable to get in contact with the outside world and could only rely on herself, but she did not have any traffic tools. She could only choose to walk. However, it was estimated that it would take at least a day to walk to the downtown from here, and by then it was already dark.

But no one would come to her, even if she chooses to be waiting here. After weighing it over, Leila decided that she would go back by herself. Although there would still be darkness, it would not be a big deal as long as she cheered herself up?

In the end, Leila still could not help but shiver when facing the darkness. She had walked for half a day and it was getting dark. It seemed to rain. As the saying went, the weather in June like the face of a child, which changed all the time.

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