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   Chapter 161 Return (Part One)

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It was obviously in a tone of inquiry that Max glanced at her and said, "Here it is."

This unquestionable attitude reminded Leila of her first meeting with him. She was a little confused for a moment, as if after the days of getting along with him, she had completely forgotten his previous personality, which reminded her.

The man standing in front of her was the president of the Mu Group, the heir of the Mu Group in the future, who had considerable wealth and was able to afford anything. How could he be so persistent in love, or fall in love with such an outstanding woman like her?

For a time, there were all kinds of feelings in her heart, but she never showed them. She was still as indifferent as before. Max was a people with very dull feelings, so he didn't notice it. On the contrary, because of his profession sick, whereas the subtle mind, Hunter fully saw the strange emotion on Leila's face, which was not noticed by ordinary people.

He pursed his lips and tried to hide his thoughts.

Leila didn't look very well the whole night, and Max wasn't a good talker, so he had no idea what went wrong with her and just asked straightforwardly, "What's wrong?"

Leila shook her head and didn't answer. For some reason, she just felt suffocated and didn't want to say anything.

It was because of her attitude that Max had a strange feeling. He reached out and pulled her wrist. With a slight pull, her entire body was thrown into his arms.

Leila raised her head and looked at him in bewilderment and surprise. Hearing that, Max became severe, holding her chin with his slender fingers, and said in a tone that could not be refused, "Say it."


h each other in the evening. After that, they would have no connection at all. When she sped up and handled everything, she would be able to completely leave him.

After that, they would have nothing to do with each other any more.

She had never felt this before. But today a little pain from the heart did make her care. Leila put her hand on the position of her heart, feeling this familiar yet strange feeling.

She had cried so hard and suffered so much because of the feelings she had for Veron. She had loved him very much in her girlhood, without asking for any favor or any other interests. She had fallen in love with him only because of the mutual attraction between the hearts.

But now, things were different. The two people who embraced each other because of benefits had gradually come to this point. But she flinched.

She was afraid that she couldn't control herself and would fall into despair. Only in this way could she leave without any emotions as she broke down all the things. No matter she was heartless or selfish, all of this was just for protecting herself from being hurt again.

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