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   Chapter 160 The Celebration Party

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Today was the last day of their stay in the Hainan. Leila and Max didn't get up until afternoon. There was a celebration party in the evening, and then they were going back to D city.

It suddenly occurred to her that she had devoted all her energy on work in the past few days when she was relaxed. Therefore, the tiredness came one after another soon after she was relaxed. Leila still felt feeble on the bed. Unexpectedly, when she saw Max, she jumped off the bed immediately. She didn't want to be trapped in the bed any more.

A smile appeared on Max's face when he saw Leila, who was absorbed in his thoughts.

"Did we go back home after the celebration party this evening?"

Max asked like this. Leila nodded. She knew that was his question.

Leila was sure that as long as she said no, he would allow her to stay.

But she couldn't be so selfish. She only cared about her own mood and let Wendi stay in the company to deal with the business.

She got out of bed, changed her clothes, and walked out of the room with Max. As soon as she went out, she met Hunter.

He was kind of accustomed to the fact that he still had the single reversed camera around his neck. When he saw herself, he was a little stunned, especially when his eyes were deep when he saw Max by his side.

"Mr. Mu."

Hunter called him. He nodded to him politely. However, after taking a look at him, Max didn't take any action.

He was born with pride, so he was cold and indifferent, just as Leila had thought before. If it wasn't for the powerful Mu Group, he would have offended many people now.

Although a lot of people in the city were afraid of him, they didn't dare to make a move because he was the CEO of the Mu Group, the one who ran across the whole South Sea.

"Miss Song, where are you going with Mr. Mu?"

Hunter asked. Leila paused and was about to answer, but was taken away by Max directly. they left Hunter alone in embarrassment. Looking at their receding figures, Hunter was lost in thought.

"Mr. An," A soft voice came behind him

Hearing the familiar name, Hunter knew it was Sara.

"Miss Fan."

Hunter nodded slightly. A bitter smile flashed across Sara's face. She knew that he didn't like her, so she didn't even know how to address him. Although they had been together for only a few days, there was a sudden feeling between them.

"What's the matter?"

Hearing that, Sara withdrew her thoughts from her mind. She wore a smile on her face and said, "A moment later, it's about the celebration banquet tonight. Mr. An, if you have nothing else to do, can you walk with me for a while?"

She was a careless woman, and her words didn't surprise people. So, Hunter nodded her head and said, "okay."

The simple word was perfect for Hunter, but she never made any effort to cover it up. It was totally different from the way he treated Leila. She looked at it, but she didn't say anything.

She used to be too extreme. She thought that the reason why Hunter treated Leila differently was that Leila had a special way with others. But now after getting along with Leila, she realized that Leila was born with such a temperament, which attracted the attention

tive in love.

So he didn't discover her suspicions and doubts in time, which caused the later contradictions.

It was normal that there was no conflict in a relationship, but it depended on the different way of each person to deal with it, and the result of the solution would also be different forms of expression.

But usually the bystanders saw more than the onlookers. Those in this situation didn't know what he had done. No matter what he had done under such a circumstances, he didn't think about the cause and effect. So he was very likely to hurt each other, and that was also the reason why there were so many misunderstandings in their relationships.

Leila didn't want to lose a relationship that she had tried so hard to accept. No matter it was good or bad, she wanted to treat it well now, at least she could have some future memories.

After she made up her mind, she raised her eyes and smiled brightly. "Let's go back."

When Max saw her smile again, he was touched. Then he nodded and said, "okay."

Still, he said it concisely. No matter what happened between them, he always treated her in this way and attitude. But Leila felt relieved.

If she had a choice, she would keep the relationship like this all the time. It was good.

She also knew that it was impossible. As long as two people were together, there would be emotional fluctuations, and they couldn't always be fixed at that point.

After going back with Max, Leila entered the dining room in the hotel, which had been booked to a big place with only the staff of the Mu Group in it.

Such a scene was truly spectacular. These employees who had never seen the world were all shocked by such a scene.

There was a medium-sized basketball court in the restaurant, and only the staff of the company were there. There were only six people in total, and even if each of them had an arm stretching from a corner, they still couldn't reach it.

Although it was an extravagant scene, people were not as boisterous as it was before.

Apparently, Leila noticed that. She paused and said, "How about we have a smaller private room?"

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