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   Chapter 159 Make Love

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Although she wasn't sure whether the theme meeting this time would be a success or not, if everything went well as she expected, the victory banquet would be held sooner or later. What's more, she didn't give them any time to rest, so they all felt bad about the model fainting at work. So, Leila said so, in an attempt to make up for her tiredness during these days.

Through the reports Max had received in the past few days, Max knew the general situation. She always had a tolerant and loving attitude towards employees, so he nodded and said, "It's up to you."

Leila was overjoyed. She didn't know that Max of love with her would spoil her so much that she had become lawless.

He had fallen in love with her, but she had to keep an eye on him. Although he didn't want to hurt her too much, she still worried that the last time she have the boyfriend.

No one knew whether Max would fall in love with Leila in the future. But it was hard to say whether she would have a happy ending with Max.

After having fun in the happy valley for half a day, Leila and Max returned to the hotel. At this time, the employees were still resting in the room. They were exhausted after a series of filming in the past few days. There was still the day before they began to do the filming, but they had to get a rest at noon today in order to save their energy for tomorrow's enjoyment.

Leila went back to her room, followed by Max. She lay back on her bed and sighed, "I'm so tired."

When she was sighing, the light went dim. Looking at the handsome face in front of her, Leila gasped.

Though being pressed in front of her, Max did not put all the gravity on her, and subtly transferred all the strength to his arms, supporting them on both sides of her head. There was a short distance between them, Leila could feel the waves of breaths he passed through.

"Are you tired?"

Hearing Max said that, Leila nodded.

Although their relationship was closer, Leila was a little shy about such kind of things as man and woman. She wanted to escape reflexively, but Max didn't give her any chance to refute. He suppressed her body and said in a low and hoarse voice, "It's not time to scream tired."

Leila's heart beat fast, and she blushed with his bold and straightforward words. She instinctively twisted her body, wanting to escape from his grasp. But she didn't expect that her movement would completely pull him out.

Max didn't want to have sex after a day's work, after all, she was tired in this class and he didn't have the heart to refuse, but this woman seemed to be seducing him on purpose.

Under his flirtation, Lei

he had been early and been considerate to her, it would be a different result today. Time had passed and his heart had been raised. With a trace of inexplicable emotion, Max didn't know why he had that feeling.

It was not until many years later that he knew what it meant.

When she calmed down, Max began to comfort her.

Leila was led into such a state by him gradually. Although Max was uncomfortable in the process, he endured it today in order to take care of her emotions.

Of course, Max was surprised to see such a change in his expression.

At the same time, there was an inexplicable feeling surging in the bottom of his heart, which he had never felt before.

"Honey, let bygones be bygones. Let's start over."

Looking at her face, Max said this, in a gentle tone, to swear on Leila's ears.

At the moment when their lips met, she forgot all her senses. This morning was destined to be a hot one.

Leila, who was in a trance, was brought into this kind of pleasure. She had never experienced it before. Perhaps this was the feeling of love.

By the time she came back in the morning, Leila had been exhausted, but Max seemed to fight more and more valiantly. He was full of energy, but in terms of Leila's physical condition, she couldn't bear it. He stopped and held her in his arms. Then they both fell asleep deeply.

The sunlight was strong near noon, but it did not affect the sleep of the two in the room. Through the window, the sunlight sprinkled on their carpet, creating layers of halos.

Many things happened imperceptibly, both in the emotional aspect and in life. They didn't come to themselves until they finally realized what they were doing.

Max suddenly realized that the truth had changed at that time.

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