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   Chapter 157 Admit Like

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When Leila said that, there was a moment of silence in the air. After a moment, she laughed at herself and was amused by her impractical question.


Just as she was thinking, a cold voice suddenly sounded, like a thunder in the ground, bringing thousand ripples in her heart. What did he say?

"Yes, I do."

Leila was shocked and confused about what she had heard. Was it a dream?

How is that possible? How could a man like him fall in love with her and say it out so frankly?

But after careful consideration, it was really what he could do. He was a person who did not like hiding things from others. He would never let go what he had decided.

For a moment, Leila didn't know whether she should panic or chuckle to herself.

It was undeniable that her feelings for him had also changed in the past half a year, but she had always kept this emotion in the bottom of her heart. And when he said these words today, she felt that it had resonance with her deep emotions.

"Are you serious?"

Leila asked him in uncertainty. She didn't know whether he said it on a whim or something else.

Since Leila had been hurt once, she kept a defensive attitude to avoid being hurt again. She was afraid that if the same thing happened to her again, so what she could do was to bury her feeling deep in her heart and never show it.

But Leila was attracted by his look and words.

When Max met her gaze, he knew her hesitation and timidity. Under her surprised gaze, he stood up, crossed the round table between the two, lifted her chin, and covered her lips.

Leila's eyes widened and met with his eyes. He slightly moved his lips, and said in a low and hoarse voice, "honey, close your eyes."

Leila seemed to be bewitched by his words. She closed her eyes and felt the heat coming from his lips. Her heart felt sweet as if it was covered with honey. Although she always thought that there was no result between them.

However, she still couldn't help loving him.

Well, even if she might be smashed to pieces again, she wouldn't regret this time.

Max still kept his posture across the table and held up her chin. The two of them kissed passionately. When the waiter came in, he saw the scene that a handsome man and a pretty woman seemed to be matched, but Max was a little displeased when he saw the intimate scene between them. Especially, Max's eyes were so gloomy that he could almost froze the waiter.

"I'm sorry."

The waiter apologized in a low voice, put the dishes he brought on the table, and then left in a hurry.

"Let's eat."

Max withdrew her body and sat back in his seat. Then, his tone was still indifferent, but it didn't sound like he was emotionless as before. There was also an end that attracted her.

Leila's face flushed crimson. She nodded, buried her head in eating, and said nothing.

The smile on Leila's face was like an obedient daughter-in-law, which made Max feel fulfilled. He shook the glass of wine in his hand, sipped, and looked at Leila who was eating in front of him.

To be honest, her manner of eating was not elegant, and even a little barbaric. Perhaps it was because she was too hungry, but it was very lovely in Max's eyes. It was the perfect interpretation of the saying, beautiful enoug

ty was completely displayed. Her running happily on the beach attracted many tourists to stop and enjoy.

Leila didn't notice such a look, but it didn't mean that Max didn't notice it as well. When he looked at the young men behind Leila who stared at her motionlessly like a tiger, his whole body was filled with cruelty.

Nowadays, it was very common for girls to accost someone. So when Leila was patted on the shoulder, she saw a stranger. She paused and asked politely, "what's the matter?"

The man paused when he saw Leila looked back. There were many beautiful women in the world, including charming, distant and elegant, but when these words all appeared on a woman, they were so amazing that he couldn't take his eyes off her.

Leila had a baby face, which looked pretty lovely. But her eyes were full of unconcerned charm, which attracted all men. The outline of her body was light and slender, making her look more sexy and pure. Such a beauty was rare in the world.

It seemed that men were always associated with the word "lust". It was a rare case to see a man with abstinent temperament like Max.

The man in front of her, grinned at Leila, and matched with his good-looking face. He didn't look hateful, but the look in his eyes made Leila frown.

"May I have your phone number?"

As the man said so, Leila looked around subconsciously, but could not find a figure of Max. She could not help but feel a little flustered. After calming down, she replied with a smile on the corners of her mouth, "sorry, I didn't take my mobile phone."

When the man heard this sentence, he still did not give up, "it doesn't matter, just leave your phone number."

A trace of disgust flashed through Leila's eyes, but she still kept her countenance. In such a situation, it would be very bad for her if she had any conflict with him.

She could only keep smiling and casually gave him a phone number.

The man took up his phone and dialed the number she said. Leila looked at him and raised her eyebrows. Good, just as she thought.

The number he dialed was not another person's. it was Max's. Since she could not find him, then he had to find her by himself.

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