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   Chapter 156 Do You Like Me

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After a long time, as Leila felt that Max stopped and heard the familiar voice, she looked up at where she was.

The shops were all full of the minority clothes in Hainan. They were so beautiful and elegant that Leila walked barefoot to the soft seat beside them.

There was nothing to worry about, because the weather here was like spring all the year round, and they didn't need to worry about the coldness. Even if it was in this weather, she wouldn't feel cold when she walked on the floor barefoot.

However, there was still a trace of dissatisfaction in the eyes of Max. Why did she treat her body so casually?

Hearing that, the saleswoman quickly walked up to Leila and picked out some clothes for her.

She glanced at Max from time to time. It was no wonder that the waitress was so serious. Max was outstanding in appearance, coupled with his outstanding temperament, so he was almost eye-catching and outstanding in the crowd.

Leila looked at the clerk, feeling both proud and annoyed.

She was in such a complicated mood that she didn't even realize what was happening when she was in front of the shopping assistant who picked out some clothes and shoes.

"Miss, please lift your feet."

The shop assistant's words startled Leila. She jerked her head around, and subconsciously looked at Max who was standing nearby. Max looked calm, as if he didn't care about their situation.

With a sigh of relief, Leila was interviewed for several clothes, and the results were all good. Leila was born with a great body, and she fitted in every style.

After dressing up, Max looked up and down at her with a frown. Leila was also uneasy. She knew that Max had a better taste than her, but she could not find anything wrong with the dress that the shop assistant gave her.

"Change this one."

As he spoke, he grabbed a piece of clothing casually and handed it to Leila, who was surprised to see what it was.

He took out the coat later and compared it with the latter. Anyone would choose the former one.

The clothes she was wearing were freshly made up of local minority clothes. It did not have that strong minority taste, but carried a wisp of exotic charm.

There was a V-neck on her chest. It wasn't hard to imagine how beautiful she was with a V-neck design. And it perfectly fitted her, making her more charming.

However, this dress that Max had chosen later was much more ordinary than the one she had chosen. Although it still had the same ethnic taste, it would be overshadowed in comparison.

Leila had always been convinced that Max was trustworthy. What was going on today?

She looked doubtfully at the expression of Max, who was always calm and unwilling to show any other expression except for this.

"Put it on."

After a sh

e have to draft a new agreement? What kind of agreement?

"In the past, we didn't have any emotional foundation, so I was a little strict with you. I reconsidered our relationship and drew up an agreement. You just need to sign it."

Leila's heart sank when she heard the words.

Of course, she didn't think what Max said was to end the cooperation with her, or not to go further with her, but to change their temporary status of getting along with each other. This was only because of his change in his attitude towards her, although it made her feel comfortable, she still couldn't ignore his behavior that treated her as a machine.

In Leila's view of love, if two people had good feelings for each other, the state of getting along with each other would never be like her and Max.

The way of getting along with each other at slow pace was what she wanted, yet Max had put his relationship with her into an expression like an equation.

They had two completely different view of love, so different opinions were generated. As far as Leila was concerned, she really didn't agree with such an action by Max. However, in consideration of their identity, she couldn't reject him, so she nodded.

After hearing her answer, Max was a little surprised.

He had never been in the business of love and had always done what he wanted. But today when he saw that he should have compelled her to abandon her thoughts, he wanted to know her true feelings. His lips were tightened and he suppressed the strange feeling in his heart.

"I'll draw up a contract after I go back."

Said Max in a very official tone. Hearing this, Leila smiled bitterly. She looked into his eyes and no longer escaped from his eyes. Her tone showed no emotion.

"You said that your behavior today is because your feelings for me have changed. Then, do you like me?"

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