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   Chapter 154 Shooting At Night

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By the time Leila and Sara arrived at Yalong Bay, the whole team had already arrived. She looked around to make sure that there was no variable. Then, she said, "All right, the theme we are going to shoot today needs to be on the surface of the water, so it is rather difficult and the workload is large. I hope that everyone can take it seriously."

While Leila saying that, Sara nodded aside. The crowd paused for a moment, and then they answered together, "Yes."

Hunter and Leila looked into the same direction. When their eyes met, there was a flash of strange emotion in the air, and then Leila turned her eyes slightly.

Hunter raised his eyebrows and said nothing. Then he turned to the workers and said, "please help me build a rack on that old tree."

As Hunter spoke, he pointed to the old tree next to Yalong Bay. The shape of the old tree was somewhat wonderful, and it was leaning against the middle of the river, which looked a little artistic. But because of this angle, they obtained much convenience.

Hearing this, two workers immediately took tools and started to build the tree.

It was a rather important case. He had to ensure the support from the studio. The model could be seated there and weighed down carelessly.

Construction could only be done after making sure of people's safety. If it was not sure to put safety first in the filming situation, they could stop.

Leila's plan was always person the first and things the second. Her idea impressed many employees. After all, in today's enterprises, many bosses only cared about their own interests and didn't care about the employees' difficulties.

Everyone liked Leila's behavior, including Sara. She walked up to her and said, "I can see that you're really cared about it."

Leila looked at her and smiled helplessly. "How can you ignore my feelings? It will affect my future."

Hearing that, Sara knew that what she had said must have something to do with Max. However, she had no right to interfere too much with the relationship between the husband and his wife. She could do nothing but raise her eyebrows and look ahead.

"But I am still curious why you could get involved in the matters of the Mu Group so many times since you are not an employee of the Mu Group?"

Hearing that, Sara could not help but ask the question in her heart. Leila answered after thinking for a while.

"Let me put it this way. If you have a project that you don't need to do, but your boss asked you to deal with it, will you do it?"

With vivid metaphor, Leila answered Sara's questions. Hearing her words, Sara thought for a while and then she was suddenly enlightened.

The project she was using to describe may refer to her relationship with Max. Although the two of them announced their love relationship, after all, everyone knew that the reason why Leila was known to all, was because of the engagement ceremony of her sister, which confirmed that she was a woman of Max.

Since then, Leila had been a lady in the name of Max, called Miss Mu, being closely watched by the public. Therefore, before they were familiar with each other, Sara also thought of Leila as an arrogant and domineering woman as rumored.

Thinking about it carefully, it was not easy for her to live under such a huge pressure for so long, but

when they heard her words. They had been exhausted the whole day before, but now they were all cheered up after hearing her words. Seeing the expressions on everyone's face, Leila felt a little relieved. As long as they kept in such a state, the filming could be successful tomorrow.

And on the last day of tomorrow, she must put a perfect ending to the theme filming.

The next day's shooting was at the Southern Mountain Temple.

They had chosen the most famous tourist attraction in Sanya for this theme shooting. The theme which they were going to take part in was very artistic, which fully reflected the local customs, and at the same time, could fully set off the beautiful scenery of their theme uniforms Hanfu.

On the last day of their investigation, she chose the most stunning piece of robe curving-front robe in the Hanfu.

The scene in the Southern Mountain Temple was generally associated with tranquility, so the short robe was closely connected with the characters, and when they were combined, an unexpected result would be produced.

Leila was lying on the bed. She started to imagine the shooting tomorrow. It should be finished if everything went well.

However, there was always a sense of loss in her heart. She didn't know what exactly caused this feeling, but it always suppressed in her heart, making her unable to fall asleep.

Suddenly, a man's name flashed through Leila's mind. The man held a very important position in her heart. Leila didn't know when, but her heart kept beating fast. When she was free, the man suddenly came into her mind.

It seemed that she had the same thought every night before she went to sleep, but she hadn't cared about it before. She just let it fall in love with Max under the pressure of Max, which was inevitable to have it. But now Max was in D city and she was in Sanya, so they were far away from each other. Even if he wanted to restrain her, it was impossible. Therefore, she could do it entirely during these days when she was free, she didn't have to think of him, but her heart seemed to be out of control.

Leila couldn't fall asleep in the darkness. With a long sigh, she grabbed a pillow and pressed her face on it.

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