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   Chapter 153 Photos Changed

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She was abandoned in front of everyone. At that time, she should be laughed at by everyone.

But as she said, now she was grateful to him for abandoning her and letting her know how sinister the people around her were!

Every time when she thought of this, she would think about Daisy. Last time, she had used the power of the Thousand Ming group to purchase the company she wanted.

It also proved to her that she was no longer the former Daisy.

Although Leila didn't know the relationship between Daisy and the chairman of Thousand Ming Group, she still could not underestimate her power at the moment. After finishing the shooting in Hainan this time, she would have to face a lot of things.

As they knew that Daisy was not a person who would give up easily, they had made full preparations and prepared to come out this time with a considerate plan.

Before she came here, she had asked Wendi to run all the business of the company. She believed that Wendi was not inferior to her and would take good care of the company during the time she left.

Hence, she didn't have to worry that Daisy would take revenge on her company during these days out.

Although she was just a small entertainment company now and would not cause any sensation in the market, Leila was confident that if time went on, she would be sure to make a difference!

"Miss Song, a model fainted."

As she was lost in her thoughts, a voice pulled her back. Leila was shocked and followed the employee to the scene.

At the same time, Hunter was already giving emergency treatment to the fainted model.

Even though they had no idea why she had fainted, disturbed work still had an impact on their efficiency. But they couldn't focus on their work now. Safety was the most important thing at the moment.

There were many tourists in the joyful valley. Leila was in a bad mood since such thing happened.

Nowadays, technology was developed well. Many people liked to show their life condition through some media. Therefore, after such a thing happened, some people would surely take photos and post them on Weibo.

As the head of the Mu Group and the project director of this theme shooting, she had to stop it, because once the news was released, it would surely attract hot discussion.

The market assessment of this fashion week must be carried out smoothly and nothing should happen. It was a very bad news for them if it was not released before it was discussed by the public.

Every move of the Mu Group had attracted the public's attention. There would be a butterfly effect as long as the news that the model fainted was spread out.

Leila hated to see that. She looked around and whispered in front of Hunter.

Hunter nodded. He stood up and held the model in his arms. He lowered his head so that he would not look at the public. He quickly walked through the crowd through a path.

Seeing this, the staff imitated, hiding their face in the blind spot of the public and hurried away.

Leila reacted quickly enough. So she strangled everything in the cradle to prevent the disturbance.

When they finally

t second they are willing to be with each other.

Leila's face darkened, "I want a few more years."

Sara was a smart woman. Even though she put it in a more euphemistic way, she was still able to understand what she meant. She meant that if Max knew that she had an affair with Hunter, she would be seriously injured. After all, everyone knew that Max was a dignified president.

"What a pity! A pair of cute couple."

As she spoke, Leila cast a glance at her. She had nothing to do with Sara over two hours of rest. They chatted pleasantly for more than two hours.

It was eight o'clock when she got the phone call from Hunter. She looked at the time and knew the intention of the other party.

"You're in Yalong Bay now?"

"I'm on my way. How about you?"

Leila answered, "Sara and I will be there soon."

Hanging up the phone, Hunter Hang up the phone. What she just said was still ringing in his mind. 'Sara and I?'? It seemed that they had been together. But when did they get on so well with each other?

But it suddenly dawned on him that women were unpredictable creatures.

A woman's heart is like a needle at the bottom of the sea. All these sentences are very reasonable. He hung the camera on his neck and walked towards Yalong Bay with his head up.

For photographing, he always held a passion and strong interest for it. To come to this step today, he relied not only on talent, but also on later efforts. However, people could only see the bright side of him, but they never saw the sweat on his back.

A set of movies usually needed one day's time to take photos. Besides, it also took a week to delete the selection and post production.

After shooting about 1000 photos, there were only about a hundred of them which were selected and deleted. During this period, he needed to be very patient and mental to make a good plan for every detail.

It was precisely because of his deep love that he persisted, and it was also because of that that that he got to where he was today.

Success was not a coincidence, but accumulated by time.

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