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   Chapter 152 Sara's Misunderstanding

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"Miss Fan."

As he turned around, he saw Sara walking over to him. He said in a very polite tone. Hearing that, Sara paused and then smiled. "Don't be so polite. Just call me Sara."

Hunter nodded, but didn't call her name again. She pursed her lips, and her heart sank. After all, she took a fancy to the man at first sight. She still felt uncomfortable when she was treated so coldly.

Hunter was enthusiastic to Leila, in stark contrast to his indifference to her. Sara felt extremely uncomfortable. She bit her lips, turned around and left. Looking at the back of the female in front of him, he was somewhat confused.

He didn't look so annoying. Why did everyone avoid him?

After resting for a while, they went on with the filming. This time, the theme was the slip skirt of the Hanfu, which was strictly made according to the rules and regulations. It was very suitable to wear, and the quality was good.

Hunter had his own unique insights about photographing. He brought the model into the water, and her dress floated on the surface of the water. Every posture they posed was very beautiful. When they were combined with some smoke, the whole scene was dreamlike.

Seeing that Hunter was focusing on his work, Leila pursed her lips and looked away.

If you didn't mention anything else, he really could win every woman's heart just because of his handsome face, enthusiasm and earnest for work.

However, Leila was not very fond of such people, but she could see that Sara must have paid much attention to Hunter.

However, it depended on herself whether she could set her mind right to pursue him.

As an outsider, the only thing she could do was to stay away from Hunter and give them enough space to develop their relationship.

Sara's words coincided with her own thought. Leila didn't intend to take a step closer to Hunter for the sake of not only her loyalty to Max but also her strong feelings.

It was normal that everyone was very tired after one day's work. Comparing with the ease of the day before, today's work really increased a lot. Leila felt a little guilty that she didn't put this issue into her plan last night.

Because the theme and the scene were not suitable, yet it needed to be perfect in every aspect. Therefore, it took them more time and energy than yesterday.

However, she was gratified that the staff didn't complain about being too tired all day long, which was a recognition of her working ability. Although it was a little tired, the result was very good and worthwhile.

After the washing, Leila began to make a plan for tomorrow's shooting to reduce the energy.

After all, people's strength was limited and couldn't be used without stopping. She had to make a perfect plan to ensure that they wouldn't be as tired as they were today.

With her wet hair over her shoulder, she ignored it and she sat at the table to begin sorting out her schedule

oubt that today's shooting was a combination of Hanfu and modern elements. Different from yesterday's Yalong Bay, today's happy valley had a more intense modern atmosphere, but the intense atmosphere here was more harmonious.

The result of their photos was so surprising that they couldn't take their eyes off them. Leila even felt this scene in the happy valley was the most romantic set of photos they had taken in Hainan.

Of course, this had something to do with Hunter's method. He guided the models in person on some movements, and catch the scene as soon as he pressed the shutter.

Leila stood beside him, watching him working. Sara walked over to her and said in an indifferent tone.

"He's so attractive, isn't he?"

Leila answered calmly, "I'm sorry. He's not the kind of man I like."

Sara knew that what Leila said was true, but she still felt somewhat uncomfortable. Out of habit, she bit her lips and said, "but the man you like abandoned you."

Hearing that, both Leila and Sara were stunned for a while. Even Sara herself didn't expect that she would say such words. When the wound on Leila's face was uncovered by her, a trace of pain flashed across her face, but soon she became calm.

"Now, I want to thank him for abandoning me years ago!"

Leila's tone was calm, but the sharpness in her words was something that could not be ignored. Seeing her leaving, Sara stood where she was for a long time without coming back to her senses.

And Leila seemed to be different from what she was said to be.

Sara didn't know what was the difference, but Leila's temperament made her unable to look away. She seemed to understand why Hunter had a different feeling for Leila.

It was hard for ordinary people to understand the pain of being unwrapped a scar in front of others. Although half a year had passed since that accident happened, she could still feel the piercing pain when the injury was mentioned again.

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