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   Chapter 151 Shooting At Yalong Bay

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Leila burst into laughter. Seeing that, Sara darkened her face instantly. She stood up and walked out of the room. Watching the leaving back of Sara, Leila shook her head with a sigh.

It was so good to be young. Sara had the courage to pursue her own happiness.

Sara was a straightforward girl. She dared to love and hate, and she would tell what was in her mind face to face. She would never do something secretly. People like her were very easy to get along with. If she could let go of her prejudice against Leila, they might be good friends.

Of course, the premise of all this was that Sara could let go of her prejudices against Leila. However, it seemed that this thought was deeply rooted in her heart, so it was impossible to solve it in a short time.

But Leila always believed that time will tell a true friend from a false one. As time went by and they got along for a period of time, Leila thought she would be able to change the way Sara thought about her.

Because of Sara's visit, Leila’s idea of polishing the file was interrupted. She had to re-organize the file and be engaged in the work again.

Leila has put all her energy on the theme shooting of this trip, hoping that the result will be as good as she guessed.

Then it would not only prove her ability to the world, but also provide an answer towards Max's query about her ability.

Without the help of Max, Leila could also turn the whole thing into a perfect one!

Leila didn't rest until late at night for she has finally arranged everything of tomorrow. Then she went to bed in peace. In the blink of an eye, the night has passed.

Time flew so fast. It has been nearly half a year since Leila had gone through that heartbreaking betrayal. In the past half a year, she has been in a very weird state when getting along with Max. Sometimes, she even felt that she was not as good as the maids at home on understanding him.

But if they were still as strange as they were in the beginning, it was not so right. At least the tacit understanding between them had increased a lot when they were together.

Half a year was neither too long nor too short, which was enough to change a person's mind thoroughly. Her current feeling for Max was no longer the same as before. Leila no longer had the will to escape or just retreat without doing anything. Now she even began to think about what kind of relationship she would have with him after solving the matter.

When Leila thought that they might separate and never contact each other again, she felt depressed.

Time is a good medicine for wounds, but a poison for affection.

There was a saying that love will come in time, which has been deeply engraved in her heart. Thus Leila also knew that her feeling for Max has changed, but she never dared to let it go. Every time when she said she wanted to stop her affection for him, he could easily arouse her emotions.

When Leila had a weak willpower, at the same time, she would feel lucky that Max has changed his attitude and

good self-control. But private affairs were different from official business, Sara still didn't trust Hunter and Leila when it came to private affairs.

But as Sara said, she was quite confident in herself. She believed that she would never lose to Leila, and she could win Hunter's heart back.

After seeing Sara, Leila turned round and went back to the dining room. They were almost packed by then, and they had to shoot in the afternoon.

The theme of the Yalong Bay was different from the two series they shot yesterday. Yesterday, the island was a combination of antique and ancient taste, while today, the place gathered modern features.

Since the contrast between modern and ancient costumes was so strong, they had to minimize the effect, and then find the best angle to present the beauty of the models and the exquisite clothing.

Thus today's shooting was much more serious than yesterday's. The atmosphere at work was very very heavy.

In this case, the original video was still very amazing. Leila looked at it and nodded with satisfaction.

"How's my skill? Nice job, right?"

There was no self-respect in his tone when Hunter said this, but a joking tone, so it sounded not annoying. Leila obeyed the principle and thought that she wouldn't get in deep contact with him. She answered slightly to him and then left.

Looking at her back, a strange expression gradually appeared between Hunter's eyebrows. When he was about to catch up with Leila, there was a gentle voice coming from behind, "Mr. An."

Few people called Hunter like that. Most of the time, they would call him by his full name, or call him by his childhood name intimately.

This kind of address reminded Hunter of a man in his early thirties, who was in the business world, doing busy business with a lot of stubble. This was Hunter's imagination. And it wasn't strange as photographer was an industry that required a lot of feeling and imagination, thus the demands on the photographers themselves were extremely high.

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