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   Chapter 148 Marine World

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Until they got out of the water, he said lightly, "where do you want to go?"

Leila was displeased by what he said just now. She didn't want to go anywhere. She shook her head and said, "it's getting dark. Let's go back to the hotel and wait for them."

Max didn't refuse her, but he took a step ahead and walked towards the hotel, with Leila following him in a hurry.

On her way back, she found the hotel looked splendid from the outside.

It's building was like a tower, which looked very antique. It seemed that they had made a right choice to wear Hanfu as the theme. Many sceneries here were very antique.

If the mixed colors work together, it will inevitably have an amazing effect.

Entering the hotel, Leila followed Max to the room.

She found out that as long as Max was with her, wherever she was, she felt as if she was in the apartment.

He filled the room with his own scent, making her a little confused.

"Let's go to eat."

Leila, who had just finished washing her face and brushing her teeth, came out of the bathroom and heard what Max was saying. She looked at the sky unconsciously, and found that it was already dark. According to the time, they should have arrived.

After saying that, Max walked straight out, followed by Leila who kept silent.

If Wendi was by their side, she would find some clues.

Although they didn't talk to each other, they acted like a couple who had been with each other for a long time without any misunderstandings.

This tacit understanding was not something people could have easily when they wanted to have. They would need a natural magnetic field to mix, and by getting along with each other could they combine.

To put it simply, Leila and Max were a natural couple.

"I saw them!"

Leila said with excitement, as she stood behind Max. She looked at the entrance of the hotel, seeing a group of people coming over, but she was stopped by Max.

"What are you doing?"

He said in a low voice. Leila blinked and said, "go to meet them!"

Max gazed at Hunter who was standing at the entrance of the hotel. His face darkened. "You don't have to worry about that. He has legs and mouth."

Leila was confused why Max suddenly became so bad to her. She had no choice but to follow him into the restaurant. Whereas, Hunter and others didn't notice them.

The dining room in the hotel was divided into several sections, and Max had booked the most prosperous space in the restaurant. So there were only the two of them in the room. Looking at the room full of delicious food, Leila could not help but feel appetizing.

It seemed that she had forgotten her nature when she saw the food. She also realized that she was a senior foodie today.

When Max saw Leila devouring the food, he raised his eyebrows, with an expression of strange flashing in his eyes.

"This is delicious. You can have a try."

Leila picked up a piece of toast meat and placed it in front of him.

Max didn't like any barbecue food, but this time he picked up some grilled meat in front of him.

Leila was surprised to see Max slowly and elegantly having the meal.

No wonder it was Max. Anything he did had the innate King's breath.

"How does it taste?"

Hearing her question, Max didn't say a w

nancial manager of the Mu Group, which showed her working ability.

She was a capable leader in the company.

This group of people were usually more jealous and liked to fight with themselves. When they saw someone who was comparable to them or more powerful than them, they would involuntarily look at the person, trying to find out a flaw to suppress the person.

It was not a disadvantage, on the contrary, Leila thought it was a virtue. It was a way of fast growth that could enhance her strength with the changes of target.

However, when it came to herself, it was a little different. Obviously, Sara had taken her as the target of attack.

Leila didn't know what to say. She asked, "have you all arrived?"

Sara snorted, but didn't answer. Because of the existence of the core leader, other employees were somewhat indifferent to her. Only Hunter, who was in high spirits, said, "everyone is here. We can set off now."

Leila glanced at him without answering.

She opened the prepared map and looked at it for a long time, then she said, "the first place we are going is the butterfly valley."

Leila took a look at them. She had to admit that Wendi had a good eye for choosing models. They were all beauties with strong classical temperament that matched their theme.

Leila withdrew her gaze. "Is everything ready?"

Although they were not satisfied with this new project director, nominally, she was still their boss. So when they heard her question, they all replied, "yes, everything is ready!"

"Okay, let's go."

As soon as Leila said this, she had led the way to the destination.

Butterfly valley was located in Sanya. It was surrounded by mountains on all sides with a path in the middle. People could see more than 6000 live butterflies each day.

Today, they would come to the butterfly valley for the theme shooting of Hanfu.

If the dress was decorated with butterflies, it could bring out the beauty of Hanfu fully.

Leila had discussed with Hunter before, because he was a photographer for this shooting. He had his own unique opinions, which enabled him to present his work in the most perfect state in front of the audience.

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