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   Chapter 144 Project Plan

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The Mu Group's project was carried out very soon. Leila was forced to come to the battlefield before she got enough time to make full preparation.

She looked at the ticket in her hand, depressed.

"Miss Leila, what a coincidence!"

When she was in a daze, a clear voice came. Leila looked back, and was furious to see the person.

A man in casual clothes looked very bright and sunny, with a single backhand camera on his shoulder. He looked well-educated, but it was because of this man that she was in trouble now.

Looking at Leila, Hunter smiled, "I have to thank Miss Leila for giving me such an opportunity. If it were not for you, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to go to Hainan."

He waved the ticket in his hand. Leila's face darkened when she glanced at it. He was happy, but he didn't consider her situation.

Leila was fully responsible for this project. If something went wrong, the consequences would be unthinkable. How could she, a nobody with no power, take such a risk?

However, she lived by Max, and didn't have her own private space and Wechat moments. Therefore, there was almost no one around her that could talk to, and if she had any difficulty, she could only swallow it.

The more Leila thought about it, the more she felt wronged. She shot a reproachful glance at Hunter, but he didn't understand why.

"Miss Leila, there seems to be some misunderstanding."

Leila ignored him. Holding the ticket in her hand, she wanted to go back to the company, but she was blocked in the way.

"What did I do wrong?"

An expression of grievance on Hunter's face amused Leila. Wasn't she the victim?

"You didn't do anything wrong. It's all my fault."

Leila said angrily, which confused Hunter completely.

"Miss Leila, can you make it clear?"

Leila really wanted to pour out all the bitterness in her heart, but when she saw the other person's face, she swallowed it.

Never mind. It's useless to tell him.

"Don't worry. Just get everything ready. You're going to fly to Hainan tomorrow. Get everything ready and don't cause more trouble."

She said rudely, raising her eyebrows. Watching her walking away, a smile appeared on Hunter's face.

After getting in the car of Robert, Leila was staring at the ticket in her hand all the way, thinking about how to deal with everything after arriving at Hainan.

Apart from other aspects, being as a project manager from the outside could make everyone feel dissatisfied with her. Therefore, she may receive many difficulties. After all, not everyone knows her ability and temperament.

She let out a deep sigh and Robert took a look at her from the rearview mirror.

"Don't be so pessimistic. Maybe there will be some turning point by then."

As a matter of fact, even Robert himself didn't believe when he said this. Would there really be any turning point for it?

It was all decided by Max. Moreover, she had booked the ticket and couldn't go back on her word. If she went there, Leila would have to depend on her ability and luck.

His words of consolation didn't work at all. Leila was still melancholy, her smile wasn't appeared all the time.

Back to the company, Wendi saw her coming back and saw her sad face. She wanted to laugh at her, but she didn't have the heart to laugh at her. She was already pathetic enou

even though it might put her in a difficult position, it was better to stay and discuss it with her.

Leila was a little embarrassed. After all, it was almost the time for her to go home according to Max. And she couldn't say no to such a request. It was her own business. It was lucky enough that Wendi could stay and help her. She couldn't selfishly put all the work on her only.

As if she had made up her mind, she nodded and said, "Okay, I'll stay tonight!"

Wendi answered.

"Then I will go to prepare the materials now."

Leila nodded, looking at her back leaving the office, she could not help but sigh lightly. Although she had a way, there was a bigger problem now. How could she say that she would not go back tonight to Max? ?

It seemed that this problem was more difficult than the project's.

When she was thinking, her cell phone suddenly buzzed. She was surprised to see the caller ID.

The person who called her was Robert. After all, he was her chauffeur. Leila knew that he must have her phone number, but neither of them spoke on the phone. Therefore, his call at the moment made her a little surprised.

"What's wrong?"

As Leila pressed the answer key, the voice from the other end paused and said, "Mr. Mu will not return to the apartment tonight. Are you busy?"

He asked as if he knew everything. Leila was surprised. She hadn't told anyone about her decision of not going back to the apartment except for Wendi. Just thinking of this name, a flash of inspiration came to her mind.

"Who told you I'm busy today? Wendi?"

Now that she was sure that Max wouldn't get back to the apartment tonight, she could work overtime at the company. Leila dropped the burden on her mind and began to joke with him like that.

It was just a casual question. Yet Robert replied, "yes, she told me."

Leila didn't expect Robert to be so frank to her. She always knew that their relationship was different, but they didn't expose that to the public.

Maybe it was not as she guessed, they had other connections. Leila was very curious about them, but she was not a talker.

"Then I won't go back tonight."

She replied in a firm tone. Robert heard it. And then he hung up the phone.

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