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   Chapter 143 Take Charge Of The Project

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Leila looked at her and said, "You finally know it!"

After talking for less than three seconds, Wendi burst into laughter and said, "But it doesn't matter. You are a smart as fool. I believe that you can make it well in this project."

Leila felt distressed. If she was confident enough, she wouldn't have to suffer so much. Because this project was not her specialty, she didn't know how far it would go.

If Max's requirements were not to be met, then she would get herself into trouble.

The program was very important to her, just like the publicity of the farm. She was forced to perfect it this time. So she had to be improved.

The project of Mu Group had nothing to do with her, but she had to take the responsibility for it because of this mistake, which made Leila think she had a death wish.

In the end, the culprit was still Hunter lead! If he hadn't taken her pictures on impulse and taken them to the competition, he would have participated in the results show of the Mu Group.

But his luck was so good. He was lucky to be chosen, but Leila got into trouble because of it.

Leila heaved a sigh and went back to work. She had already marked the case in her mind.

She needed to list a general process and then give it to Max for reference. Otherwise, it was really difficult for her to complete such a big project alone.

Although Max was dissatisfied with her, this was still related to his company. He would not refuse her request.

"What's wrong? You look upset."

When they went back to the apartment in the evening, Robert, who was driving, asked. She found that there was something wrong with her from the rearview mirror.

Obviously, Leila was not as energetic as she used to be. She looked at Robert, somewhat tired, and replied, "Max has assigned the DA project to me."

Although Robert was now a part-time driver, his main job was still in the Mu Group.

So he also knew how important the DA project was to the Mu Group. How could he just let Leila do that?

It was a matter of life and death of the group he had just bought. He would suffer a great loss if he failed to do anything!

He had never thought that Max dealt with matters was so impulsive like today, so Robert frowned with it.

"Why did Mr. Mu do this?"

Leila looked at him but didn't answer. She wondered if Max was angry because her photo was shown to the public and she was invited by a beautiful photographer to be his personal model?

If she said this, it was inevitably not to be heard by Max. Max would think she was pretending to be proud because of his attitude.

It was not the first time that such a thing happened. What she needed to do was to avoid those things that would make him misunderstand.

"Can you take over the DA project?"

Robert asked Leila, whose question was exactly the same as Wendi.

"I'm not sure."

She answered honestly. After taking a look at her from the rearview mirror, Robert said indifferently, "good luck!"

Hearing that again, she even wondered if Wendi had told Robert in advance. As a result, both of them took pleasure in Leila's misfortune!

"Do you have any dirty secret between you and Wendi? Why

to remove it. Even the most powerful weeds would only be used to suppress it for a while, or in the end, it would grow up crazily and unable to control it anymore.

When she came out of the bathroom, Max was already in the bedroom. It seemed that he had finished shower first and his slender legs hidden in his robe were exposed outside, which looked very attractive.

Leila swallowed. She was shocked by her thoughts. How could she describe him with the word 'attractive'.

Except for being arrogant and cold, the most appropriate word to describe Max now would be the label of abstinence.

Because after he was with her, she did not see that he had anything to do with other women, except for the unusual childhood playmate.

"Come here."

It was the same arrogant tone again. Leila paused for a while and walked towards him.

She was lying on the soft bed. Max's warm body touched hers, as Max's weight sank a little.

"How is the project plan going?"

Jacob reached out and held Emily in his arms, just like holding a toy.

His movements made Leila a little uncomfortable. They seldom had such intimate behaviors, except for necessary exercises.

She put her other thoughts behind and replied, "I've settled on the plan. I'll send it to your company tomorrow. Come and have a check."

"This is your business."

As soon as Leila finished her words, Max interrupted.

Leila was a little stunned and almost failed to respond.

What he meant was that she would take full charge of this project, so that no one else would get involved, except the assistant that he planted in her.

Nobody had the right to interfere in this project, including him.

Was this joke too much?

She had planned to send it to him for inspection after she finished it and if everything went well, she would start to implement it.

It was what they did on the farm at the very beginning. But today, the project was totally under her control. And she must satisfy him. What a joke!

Leila glanced at him, but couldn't see his eyes. What she could see was only his smooth chin. She licked her lips and sighed.

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