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   Chapter 141 An Accident (Part One)

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Leila had never thought that the thing she didn't care about would cause a huge public opinion.

When she was reading the news on the newspaper, Leila pinched between her eyebrows, feeling tired.

Wendi walked towards Leila and asked her, "Why do you have this photo?"

She turned her eyes to the newspapers. Leila took a look at her and said, "that morning, I happened to meet Maria's son at the farm. He was fond of taking photos. He was used to taking photos at any time. That's the reason why I have this photo."

Wendi paused a bit and asked, "Did you agree with this picture?"

Leila nodded helplessly. She just thought that Hunter was making fun of her. She didn't expect that he would really take it to the competition, and fortunately, the first prize won, which made her feel more helpless.

The host of this competition was the Mu Group. For the shooting of the new project, they would select a photographer in an online fashion show.

As long as they got the first-class photographers, they could join the team and go to the South Island to shoot the new theme of the project. Whereas Hunter was chosen.

As the planner of this project, no matter how shrewd Max's information was, it was still Leila's private affair, so he was not 100% sure to take control of it.

So when he saw the news, his face was gloomy. Then he picked up the phone and dialed Leila's number.

Leila and Wendi were gazing at each other. The caller ID on the screen read: misfortune or misfortune. "

Wendi shook his head helplessly. It seemed that Leila was not so defensive as to allow a stranger to be her model and her photos to be played.

No one could blame for this kind of thing, but people always smiled a lot.

She left with a sense

at the farm that morning. He is a photography god mate. He is not a professional but he always brings camera. He also took the camera with his. It's a professional profession. "

She answered all of the questions in one go. Hearing that, Max's eyes became increasingly deep. He could easily find out the weakness in her words with just one word. "Is it a business problem? As a graduate, he have to violate the portraiture right of others. I'm sure he know that. "

Max was worthy of being called Max. He could directly get to the point of the problem through words, so Leila didn't hide any more.

"I don't know. He really took it to the competition. I just thought he said it casually."

Although what she said was a pure confession of the fact, Max obviously didn't believe it. And Leila also knew that her answer was hard to believe. In this case, the two of them seemed to have known each other before.

Last time when she was calculated, she was unable to defend herself with eloquence, and this time she didn't believe what she said. But she knew clearly that this time it was not a plot, she was too casual and didn't think about the consequences.

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