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   Chapter 138 The Same People (Part One)

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People always live in the sight of people, will magnify their hearts ten thousand times, see their shortcomings clearly, and then correct them. They have to do better than others so that they won't be blamed.

This kind of moral kidnapping had become the trend of the society now.

'You are so strong. Why did you fail in the end? '

Wendi had heard such kind of words for many times. To a certain extent, she was the same kind of person as Robert.

"Nice to meet you, we are the same people."

She really wanted to greet Robert in this way, but she was afraid that she would be considered a psycho, so she had to hold back all her thoughts and act as a well behaved 'ordinary'.

In the afterview of Robert, through the rearview mirror, she looked calm and quiet, looking at a place outside the window. She was very absorbed in sitting. Her sitting posture was very standard, like a model who was being copied. She was very strict with herself.

He quietly looked away and put all his mind on driving.

In a car, they differed from each other in gender and characteristic.

After arriving at the company, she got off the car and said politely: "thank you for driving me back to the company."

Robert shrugged and said, "It's just my boss's request."

After drawing a line with her in such a cold manner, Wendi chuckled and turned around to enter the company.

Robert didn't turn his gaze until Wendi disappeared at the door.

Why didn't I find out before that this woman is very different from ordinary people? '.

After turning the corner, Wendi walked into the office of Johnson directly.

"What's this?"

After Johnson looked at the files in her hand, he frowned and asked in this way. Then Wendi replied in an indifferent tone, "The resignation letter."

There was a strange

atter chuckled and said, "It doesn't matter. He can't find out anything about me. At most, he will fear me, but the boss who doesn't care about talent doesn't exist in the world."

She humored and Leila became more worried.

In fact, there was no boss in the world who was willing to do anything at all costs, but if such a situation that the boss who did too much credit was not allowed to have the upper hand over the boss, then Johnson would definitely be suspicious of her for doing so!

Anxious as she was, Wendi comforted her. Leila heaved a sigh, "that's the only way we can do for the time being. Let's stop for a while to let him relax his vigilance."

Wendi nodded. After hanging up the phone, Leila's tightly knitted eyebrows still couldn't be relieved. She sighed.

Because of her, Wendi was involved in danger. It was impossible to get rid of it once she got into the muddy water.

When she was lost in thought, her phone vibrated. She checked the caller ID and answered the phone.


She called him by his name out of habit. He paused at the other end of the line and then said: "You said that you were transferred to my company. Why did you have to fight alone?"

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