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   Chapter 137 Bluffing (Part Two)

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Max nodded and gestured for her to go on. Leila continued, "But to my surprise, Daisy is the goddaughter of the chairman of the Thousand Ming Group."

Max remained calm and seemed to know the news very early.

Suddenly, an idea occurred to Leila. As the most well-informed person in D City, how could he not know this? He must have known the news before she knew it.

She was somewhat listless

"So, you don't think that it's Daisy who is behind all this?"

Max's voice dragged her thoughts back. After taking a look at him, she nodded and said, "that's it. But I know that Daisy is not so capable as you think. In other words, there must be someone plotting something behind her."

Hearing that, Max's eyes froze and then disappeared in an instant. He stretched his long arms to hold her. Then Leila fell into his arms.

Feeling the temperature coming from behind, Leila's heart missed a beat again. Her face was slightly red, and she heard the voice coming from above.

"You are much smarter than before."

Was he complimenting her?

Not self mocking? '?

For a moment, Leila didn't know what was going on. Max had always despised her for her intelligence quotient. But today she was praised by him, which was so weird and wonderful.

"But there will be no chemistry reaction when you use your intelligence on me."

Hearing his words, Leila was shocked.

He was really a man who held grudges.

Yesterday, her little trick was seen through by him. Although he didn't punish her, it still made Max unhappy. She pursed her lips and prepared to make amends for her previous faults by g

or her when Robert enter the Mu Group, it was in the University.

The Mu Group had always been the dream land of the students in the finance department. Almost everyone's wish was to be able to enter the Mu Group, which not only proved their ability, but also opened up a shortcut for the future path.

Mu Group was famous for its strength. It could be proved that this person was extraordinary if he could work in it. As a sophomore at college at that time, Robert was admired by all the students, who was a student and entered Mu Group before he graduated.

The matter of the student spread all over the school and triggered a heat of discussion. Now a divine level person appeared in front of her, keeping the label of a God in her mind. In other words, he was just an ordinary person in spite of his fake name.

But in her mind, he was just a bookworm like ordinary people.

"It has taken me four years to present my present position from the bottom of the company."

He couldn't hide his self-mockery in his words, Wendi was surprised, but then relieved.

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