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   Chapter 135 One Step Ahead

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"Hello, Mr. Mo!"

Hanson nodded. He was a sedate, serious man with few words and smiles. Obviously, he was not as cold and indifferent as Moore.

In terms of temperament, he had something similar to Max, but he wasn't as domineering and arrogant as Max.

"I have something to discuss with Miss Song."

Hanson said to Moore. Then, he turned around and left. It was clear that he was ordering Moore to leave.

It was not until his back disappeared in the cafe that Leila felt somewhat relieved.

She didn't know why, but she always had a repressed feeling in front of Moore. She couldn't figure out what he was thinking about, but she just wanted to escape from him.

"I have known why Miss song came here."

Leila recovered from her reverie because Hanson' words. She nodded at once. "Now that you have known my intention, I'd like to make it clear."

She took a pause, seeing that the person on the other end of the phone didn't look odd, and then she continued, "I heard from my friend that there is something wrong with the funds of your company, and I came here today to help you out of this predicament."

"I know, but I'm afraid that I'll let Miss Song down. Before that, we have cooperated with Thousand Ming company. "

Hearing this, Leila stopped for a while. It seemed that she was a little slower. But few people knew about the business in AS company, including the people who were as powerful as Max, and he just knew it yesterday. How could someone be one step ahead of her?

However, although it was a disappointing thing that they couldn't acquire the AS Group, it did not cause any loss to them. So she decided to let it go.

"I see. Then I won't bother you anymore."

She stood up and was about to leave, but was stopped by Hanson, "but I think Miss Song should know one thing."

Leila looked back at him in confusion. Hanson touched his glasses and said, "The goddaughter of the chairman of Thousand Ming Entertainment Corporation seems to be your sister. I think it makes no difference which company we are working with."

His words surprised Leila. The only sister he talked about was his sister in name, Daisy.

But when did she become the goddaughter of the chairman of Thousand Ming entertainment? Nobody knew this matter. If Hanson didn't cooperate with the Thousand Ming Group, probably she wouldn't know. Therefore, it could be imagined how confidential this matter was.

But another Leila didn't know what's the relationship between the chairman of Thousand Ming Group and Daisy?

She thought of Daisy and her mother, who were both skittish and who stole other's boyfriend. Both of them were not good guys. Was there any secrets between them and chairman Thousand Ming?

At this moment, Leila suspected that Daisy was making a secret plan.

Back then, she was helped by the mystery person to enter the internal market of the Thousand Ming Group. Now after a long-term training, she had been able to play an important role in the heart of the chairman of the Thousand Ming Group, so that he trusted her very much. Moreover, with the help of the mystery person, she had acquired AS Group from him, which gained the trust of Wayne.

Now the whole the Thousand Ming Group knew her status could not be underestimated. In the group, besides Wayne, she was the second powerful person

people could compare with Max in this world.

"But what happened today to raise your doubts?"

Hearing Robert's question, Leila pursed her lips and replied, "Max let me acquire AS Group yesterday, but today someone made a step ahead of me."

She paused for a moment and continued, "if the person is not as well-informed as Max, is it possible that there is a hidden traitor among the people around Max?"

As she thought, even Leila herself was shocked. To tell the truth, she didn't think about it before, only that she had subconsciously thought of it when the question was raised by Robert.

It was true that there were few people in the world who could be compared to Max. Thus, what Robert said had little chance to be stronger than Max. It was only this phrase that could be explained.

However, this explanation was more terrible than they thought. There was a mole.

It could be said that the people around Max were all selected by him, so everyone could be trusted and it was still unknown about who would be the problem.

But one thing was sure. They did find someone who was behind all this.

The doubt in Hanson's words assured Leila. This matter seemed to be tricky. If there were really mole, it would have a huge hindrance to their future actions.

It could also affect herself as well as the Max.

It was hard to solve the troubles for powerful people. That was because most of the people in the society had such mentality that getting into troubles wasn't a big deal!

If something really happened to the Mu Group, they would just watch from the other side and wouldn't do anything. So people who could reach the peak must be patient and capable to keep themselves in a stable position.

As the saying went, it was easy to strike the river, but difficult to defend the river.

These words echoed in the world. Leila seemed to find something wrong.

It would be a huge hidden trouble for the Mu Group.

It would be a disaster for both of us in the future if we were not able to remove her from the society in time.

The moment Leila thought of it, she wanted to tell this to Max and forgot her promise not to be nosy anymore.

Of course, the perpetrator knew nothing about it.

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