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   Chapter 133 Superstar Joan

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It was the half-time break, which would be said to be ten minutes. But in fact, she would rest for about half an hour. During this period, Max had been with her, and Leila looked at him from time to time.

The latter still looked indifferent. There was an indescribable emotion spread in Leila's heart. They two spent half an hour in silence.

When the auctioneer announced the intermission, she was about to return to the center of the stage with Max, when they were stopped by Rosa coming towards them.

"I have something to tell you."

As Rosa said this, she fixed her eyes on Max. Knowing that they were close to each other, Leila consciously stepped back. But Max didn't try to stop her.

Seeing that, Leila felt a little awkward. She collected herself and went back to the judges.

In the dim light, the two were talking about something. It could be seen that the silent Max had held a special position in the heart for Rosa.


Wendi called her name when she was drifting away. She looked at her crooked face and blinked. Apparently, she didn't understand what Wendi had just said.

Seeing the expression on her face, Wendi knew that she hadn't taken in any of her words. She shook her head helplessly and repeated, "I said that this star is not bad."

Following her words, Leila looked on the stage, seeing a girl in her twenties standing on the stage and looking very young. She even began to doubt if this star had graduated.

It was said that Joan was 23 years old, perhaps because she had given birth to a baby face. But with the age of only 18 or 19 according to the information, Leila arched her eyebrows.

The girl who was liked by Wendi had her own advantages. She looked carefully at the girl on the stage.

Dressed in a candy colored dress, she looked more nifty and lovely, and her baby face was overflowing with a smile of youth. It was undeniable that she was a very comfortable and at least looked like a spring breeze in her eyes.

The data in her head corresponded with hers showed automatically.

Her name was Joan, and she was also a lady good at singing and dancing in South City. Most importantly, she graduated from South University. She was originally sent to Harvard by the school, but she refused. After graduation, she came to this entertainment company for an interview, which was chosen.

In terms of special skills, she should be the one who good at dancing.

There was no detailed record about this part. It only recorded one thing, which was a girl who had won the first place in a previous dance competition and looked like a good dancer.

Leila came to a conclusion in her mind. In fact, anyone who was favored by these judges would be stay. After all, not many of these talented artists were qualified. It was really rare to see a person as talented as Joan.

"I think so, too."

Leila responded and Wendi nodded and continued to watch the examination.

The star selection competition had not yet come to an end until noon. About half of the process had gone on, but since they were down the road during the half-time interval, Max and Rosa still hadn't come back.

Leila didn't know what they wer

aid, "You're back."

However, Max did not answer her. He gave his coat to the maid who was waiting by the door, and then he came to her.

Leila's heart missed a beat by accident. She quickly lowered her head to hide her emotions. Without knowing when, Max had come to sit beside her, but she was still having dinner with a unchanged face.

Both of them kept silent, and the atmosphere was a little awkward. After dinner, she said slowly, "I'm going upstairs."

Hearing that, Leila seemed to be in a hurry to escape. Seeing her back, Max could not help but smile at the corners of his mouth.

It seemed that she was escaping something?

There were two kinds of people Max had always hated the most. One was a woman of one mind, and the other was someone who tried to evade their responsibilities.

It was a coincidence that both of them were occupied by Leila. However, when it came to her, Max didn't feel the emotion that he hated most. Instead, he had a feeling of unique, which made him think she was lovely?

"Come here."

After taking a bath, Leila went to the bed and read a magazine on the side. Upon hearing this, she paused and slowly walked up to Max. After brushing his teeth and brushing his teeth, she noticed that the smell of his body wash was refreshing and refreshing.

"How is the company going?"

A voice as deep as the sound of a Violoncello rang out. Leila nodded and said, "It's almost done."

Without saying anything, Max just held her up, carried her in his arms, and sat on the bed with her in his arms.

The posture of the two was very ambiguous. Max was leaning against the back of the bed, while she was sitting in front of him, with her body completely encircled by him. There was no gap between the two.

Feeling the strong and powerful heartbeat behind her and the increasingly hot temperature, Leila knew it was a man's natural physiological reaction. She couldn't help blushing.

"There is an AS Group and also an entertainment company in D city. Recently, there has been a huge loophole in financial problems. What will you do if you acquire it at this time?"

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