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   Chapter 131 Reducing The Staff

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Although she said so, Leila could feel her difference. She pursed her lips and didn't continue the topic. She said: "Don't worry about the company's affairs. You rarely have a day off. Go back to have a rest."

She had thought to ask her to help her with the company affairs, but after hearing her answer, she immediately didn't have the heart to let her continue to work on today special day. But Wendi shook her head and said, "I'm not only helping you, but also helping myself. Only when you become stronger can you take back the shares of the Song Group, and I can also help myself to avenge our parents' death. "

Knowing that she cared about her thoughts, Wendi said so to console her. She also knew that Leila was a woman who never forced others to do anything they didn't want to do.

"All right. What we need to do today is reducing the staff."

Leila told Wendi about her plan, and Wendi nodded after hearing it. "It's really a good idea. There are too many useless positions in this company now, so it's time to simplify it. Which of us should start from?"

Leila said, "I'm going to start with the selection from the employees of the company today. Tomorrow there will be a selection competition between the stars, who will be eliminated."

After all, there were too many stars to be selected today, and it would take a long time to do it. In addition, it was not easy to select these stars, so it needed to consider their overall qualities and comprehensive capabilities to select the most advantageous ones for the company.

Therefore, it took a lot of time to select the actress. It would be OK to make reasonable plans tomorrow after the workers of the company were cut today.

Wendi nodded and said, "I agree."

Leila showed her a report and some materials about her employees. "Check what materials to be cut in these positions. After all, you know better than me in this respect."

Just as Leila said, Wendi had been working in the Song Group for a long time. She was more professional than her in this aspect.

Wendi took the thing Leila handed her, and raised a list after a quick glance.

"These are unnecessary positions. It won't be of much use to keep them. They can be added to the other notes. It will not only save energy but also save a lot of money."

Leila had to take the financial factors into account before she took charge of the company. She agreed with what Wendi said.

"So we'll cut those people off. Anything else?"

Wendi added, "It's necessary for us to offer other positions, but it didn't mean that we can't fire them. We can dismiss some people with poor ability and find some more employees. Let's hire some more for a big change. After all, you don't know whether there are some old employees in the company who are in charge of Johnson. If he tells Johnson about the situation here. Then what we have done is exposed. "

Wendi's words reminded Leila of that. She didn't think that there would be any informers from these employees. After all, Johnson had transferred the company to Max before, and Johnson didn't dare to do anything to Max. But from another point of view, Johnson was a person who had been working in the underworld for decades. It was impossible for

e had in the company to Johnson, which would make her almost fail.

But not really so. After all, she didn't know the grudge between her and Johnson yet, and this should not be triggered.

"Aren't you going to work?"

Hearing Max's words, Leila regained her composure. She said, "Yes."

At the same time, she knew what he meant, and then said: "Since Miss Bai wants to work in my company, then let's go together."

Of course, Rosa nodded in response, and then the two of them walked out of the door of the apartment. Meanwhile, Max kept staring at Leila until she disappeared in front of the door. He looked away slightly.

It was said that three women made a great play. However, sometimes, when two women came together, the play would also be wonderful.

"Miss Bai, why do you come to this entertainment company?"

On the way, Leila asked in a seemingly casual tone, but in fact, she was trying to find some clues about her coming to work from this sentence. However, she forgot that the woman in front of her was not an ordinary person. She keenly perceived that there was something strange in this sentence, and avoided it.

"I go to work for fun? I'm a person who likes to explore and I like to do research in a field I haven't been in. I've long wanted to step into the entertainment circle, so I took this opportunity. Why not? "

Hearing this, Leila knew that Rosa had seen through her mind, and she was also dodged by her. Leila felt nervous, but said nothing.

Sitting on the driver's seat, Robert took a look at them from the rearview mirror and found something strange.

If two women were stayed in a magnetic field, there would be certainly some trouble. Obviously, these two women had some abnormal behaviors. However, both of them endured the pain silently and didn't show any tricks. As the saying went, "the one who is serious first will lose.".

Both Leila and Rosa didn't move. The situation between them became awkward.

But none of them wanted to take the initiative, because once they took the initiative, they would be passive. Both of them were observing a suitable time, waiting for the other side to attack.

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