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   Chapter 130 A Hair Raising Blow

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10418

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When Leila entered the company, she attracted the attention of many employees. Almost everyone in the city knew her. After all, everyone knew the woman of the president of the Mu Group?

But the people here didn't know that their boss was the seemingly weak woman in front of them.

Everybody knew that Leila was now the apple of the eyes of Max, so many women of the same age with her would envy her.

An entertainment company would never short of a star? Artists! 'what is it that artists need most? Female artist!

The word "kind jealousy" was often accepted by people as a key word to describe a woman. The existence of Leila was like a fuse in many other women's companies. Leila had already been on fire.

Leila was hardly seen for once. Today, she even took the initiative to come to this company. Wasn't it an opportunity for them?

Those jealous female artists began to make plans behind the scene to make her suffer a loss in the company and remember them forever.

If she really wanted to know the reason, then she could just say it for no reason. There was no need to make up any noble excuse for the war between women. It was purely that she was not happy with her behavior.

Nobody knew from when the society had developed into such a kind of situation. The war between women seemed to be never managed by anyone. Even if there was a dispute, it would be covered with the word "envy" by others.

So no one noticed that the arrogant image of society today, except people involved.

No one was wondering how many innocent women were hurt by that war in this city.

It was because that they had never experienced such a thing. As a bystander, he always ignored the essence of the problem as long as there was something interesting.

Otherwise, people would become indifferent to the victims, which made people disappointed.

Of course, all this was based on the premise that the victim was a weak and incompetent nobody who could bully him at will and had no power to refute him!

But Leila was different. She was always the kind of person who would not attack unless she was attacked. If someone touched her bottom line, the result would not be what that person could afford.

Few people had seen Leila getting angry. She always wore a smiling face. So, they also ignored the dark side of her.

After the foundation was laid today, there would be a surprise for everyone, and they would have a further understanding of Leila.

"Isn't this Miss Song?"

As Leila entered the company, she saw two gorgeously dressed women coming towards her. Only celebrities would make themselves as gorgeous as peacock when they saw their favorite men. Leila was no exception. she was not the men they liked. As far as Leila knew, holding a peacock was not only a request, but also a challenge.

Obviously, they didn't know she was their new boss, so they talked to her so recklessly. Of course, she wouldn't reveal her identity now. Wouldn't it be boring? Wouldn't she live up to their expectation?

"You are Miss Aria, is this Miss Emily Qian?"

Leila said with a decent smile on her fac

oor way.

Nowadays, with the rapid development, their talents and age were no longer as popular as a few years ago, so it was almost impossible for them to find another job. In other words, their career was going down!

They had never thought that they would run into such a serious situation. Even if they regretted, they could not change the situation.

Leila glanced at them, passed them, and walked into the company.

She had just taken over the company and was bullied. Everyone was very unhappy about it. With a cold look on her face, she leisurely walked back to her own office under the gaze of everyone.

After entering the office and closing the door, she breathed a sigh of relief. In fact, she didn't like these women's intrigues very much, but they always came to her on their own, and she couldn't refuse them. If she didn't want herself to be bullied, she had to be strong and face up to them, using the means they had given her, and punished them back.

Nowadays, the most essential thing to survive in this society was being ruthless.

Only if she was heartless enough could she maintain her position and thus could not be bullied and oppressed by anyone. Of course, no matter how heartless she was, she could not show it in front of Max, unless she wanted to die.

The thought of Max and what he had done today brought her back to her senses. Until a sound of door opening, she finally came back to her senses.

She was in a daze when Wendi heard the noise. Then she came to herself and Wendi asked, "what are you thinking about?"

Wendi asked, Leila biting her lips, "Nothing. By the way, why did you ask for leave today?"

"Today is the anniversary of my parents' death. I asked for leave to visit them," she continued after a pause

Leila didn't realize that she had said something wrong until she heard the heavy topic was brought up by Wendi. She didn't know what to say at that moment, so the atmosphere was a little depressing. With a faint smile, Wendi said, "It doesn't matter. It's been so long. I don't care about it anymore."

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