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   Chapter 128 Menace (Part Two)

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Kissing was a very romantic thing in such a scene, but Leila didn't think it was romantic except that she was stunned.

She had never seen a man who had lost control of his emotions. It was not until this noon that she fully realized that Max was different from the past. He had an incomprehensible emotion today.

Unlike last time, this time, Leila was not the reason. There was a kind of heartbreaking loneliness around him.

Although she didn't know why he felt that way, she felt something indescribable in her heart.

A few moments later, he had completed the process. Looking at the little woman in front of him, the emotions that had been surging in his heart suddenly became calm at this moment.

"What's wrong with you?"

Leila asked. After a long while, she didn't receive a reply, and sat in front of Max, who was staring at the vast sea of sunflowers.

Then he took her hand and went straight ahead. Leila was surprised. Didn't he get angry because she was still going inside? What was he going to do now?

She had told herself before that she could never figure out what was in Max's mind, so she could only follow him step by step.

The two of them walked silently for a long time. They almost reached the end of the path without saying a word. At that moment, Leila realized how vast the sea was. After they walked for nearly an hour, they saw a place without sunflowers.

Max still held her hand tightly. The two of them finally reached the end of the road, and in front of it was a clear lake.

On the other side of the lake was a dense sea of sunflowers. This area seemed to be booked by someon

doomed not to go back to the city center tonight, but Leila believed that as long as Max wanted, it was no problem for them to go back now, but it seemed that he didn't have the intention to go back.

Although it was better to sleep in the car than outside.

When she felt sleepy, she leaned on the back of the car for a short while and had already gone to meet the sage. After a long while, Max could not come back to his senses, with his eyes fixed on the sunken sea.

There were memories of his childhood in this sea of flowers. It had been more than twenty years, but it was still like a fairy land in its childhood.

For all these years he had been guarding this place, for nothing but that was the place his mother liked most.

After a long time, he stopped thinking and looked at the little woman who was asleep next to him. There was a very gentle smile at the corners of Max's mouth, which was so subtle that even himself did not notice it.

The moon shone softly over the ground, and the stars in the sky were shining with tender light, illuminating the black car.

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