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   Chapter 127 Menace (Part One)

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As if she lived in a fairy tale, everything here looked unreal. The air was filled with a faint fragrance. The fragrance poured into her chest from her nose was a kind of natural air. She took a deep breath and smiled.

"How do you know this place?"

Leila asked. To her surprise, Max didn't find her annoying.

"I came here once."

He answered in such a flat tone. Leila nodded. Then she stepped forward to the sunflower, which was as tall as a man.

The sunflowers here should be planted by some gynecologists. That was why they had a vast expanse of yellow colored flowers, which made people quite comfortable.

Although she didn't know why Max would take her with him when she got out of the door to relax, she left all her emotions and thoughts behind when she saw such a beautiful scene. She just enjoyed the rare tranquility.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?"

Said Max with a low voice behind her. Leila nodded, "it's very beautiful!"

This was the beauty given by the nature. After artificial training, these sunflowers bloomed in full vitality.

The sun was shining in the sky, so the flowers looked like beautiful girls.

"Unfortunately, it will be razed to the ground half a year later."

There was not a trace of emotion could be heard from Max's indifferent tone. It seemed that he also liked this flower sea very much, but when he said so, he showed no fluctuations.

Leila was not sure whether he was calm or indifferent. But she was sure that the man in front of her had a mind she couldn't figure out.

Max once said that the ground should be razed to the ground, which meant that the sunflower would wither one day.

This was the natural rule of life. No flower could never be defeated forever. Why

the tree in the distance was calling.

The place was so clean that she had nothing. She was almost cut off from the world. Such a quietness was something she had never experienced before.

It was like she was abandoned all her past. There was no hatred, no resentment, no affection, no thought when she walked on the path.

As if she was bewitched by something, she couldn't stop walking and went straight to the depths of the sea of flowers. At the same time, Max realized what she was thinking. He frowned and then stepped into the sea of flowers.

When she was walking, her wrist was grabbed by someone from behind. Her heart beat fast, and all her thoughts came back. She looked at the man in front of her, and could not help but lick her lips.

"What did you want to do just now?"

The voice of the man in front of her was very cold. Leila paused for a while, looking at the endless sea of flowers behind her. She replied with confusion, "I just want to walk again."

Hearing her answer, there was a mood that she couldn't understand on Max's face. Before she could react, her chin had been pinched, and a cold touch appeared on her lips.

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