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   Chapter 125 Luke Is In Trouble Now

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Hearing what she said, Leila's face turned pale, "what time does it take to plant it now?"

Maria was even more anxious after hearing her words and said, "It's too late. The land can't be filled up in one day. It's a large area."

One day was indeed not enough. The press conference was to begin in half an hour. At that time, all the reporters would be invited to visit the construction of the farm.

Leila's heart sank. She pressed her lips and said, "Maria, if I asked you to look for now, how many people can you get for swim vegetables and fruits?"

Maria thought she was going to make amends. Although she thought this method wouldn't work, she calculated and replied, "There are about twenty people."

"That's enough."

With what Leila said, Maria sighed. The land couldn't be restored to its original condition in such a short time.

"Now call them here. Clean it up."

Maria nodded at Leila when she saw the spotless decoration on the nightgown.

The press conference was held as scheduled in half an hour. After a few words on the stage by Max, Tristan took the reporters to visit the farm.

The construction area of the farm was quite large. It took about half an hour from the east to the west. The reporters took some photos and stored them at home for material material.

Following them, Leila's heart was beating fast. They were about to reach the land where they had an accident. There was only one door separated.

Sitting next to Leila, Max took a look at her and saw clearly her expression. Max said in an indifferent tone, "what happened?"

Hearing this, Leila pursed her lips and said with a firm look, "I'll take care of it."

Hearing her words, a hint of emotion gradually appeared in Max's eyes. He turned around and looked at the door lightly.

Tristan stepped forward and opened the door, but was shocked by the scene before him.

In the press conference, these procedures were all discussed and agreed by them before. That was to say, this seemingly casual process need to be carefully arranged.

The scene in front of him was beyond his imagination. This was not included in their scheme.

Dozens of marine merchants were planting in a tidy and skilled manner on the land. The plant method they adopted was also very professional. Everyone was shocked by what they saw!

They might be the first company to make public the way how to cultivate vegetables and fruits. However, because of this method, all the guests who were about to visit this place could rest assured. In today's society, there were many hidden dangers in many things, especially in food.

So, people's guess about food safety was dispelled, and people also promoted the internal company's culture, so that everyone had a certain understanding of the Mu Group's way of operation.

The result was that they trusted the farm owned by the Mu Group.

Seeing such a scene from behind, Leila c

essly, holding her chin with one hand and looking gentle with her clear eyes filled with tranquility.

Just as the old saying goes, man proposes but God disposes.

When Max saw her, he saw such a scene. He unconsciously stopped and then came back to her. He walked to her and said, "in the afternoon, I will announce that Spencer is the second young master of the Mu Group."

Hearing that, Leila was surprised that Max would take the initiative to tell her about the plan in the afternoon.

"As for you,"

Leila looked at Max nervously. She didn't forget the deal they had made.

If she gave full play to her farm affair, he would not expose her identity as a minor shareholder of the farm today. But if such a result made him unhappy, she would give up all the previous efforts.

Therefore, Max's words would determine her future.

"Do you insist on yourself?"

Asked Leila. Hearing that, Max's face remained unchanged, but he did not answer.

Her heart sank completely. She knew that no answer would be his answer.

It seemed that everything she had done was in vain.

After all, he didn't care about the so-called friendship at all. Max always did things his own way. As long as something didn't reach his standard, he would relentlessly suppress them.

Standing in front of her, Max covered the sunshine on her body, leaving only a shadow. Leila was unexpectedly calm in her heart. She had long anticipated this result, so she was not so disappointed at the moment.

"Deal with the damaged land."

After leaving the words, Max turned and left, leaving Leila confused. What did he mean by saying that? Was he telling her that he would give up on expose her identity as long as she fixed the damaged land?

Although she felt a little unbelievable, she was still very happy. As she looked at the back of Max who was gradually leaving, a smile appeared at the corners of her mouth, which she was not even aware of.

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