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   Chapter 123 The Press Conference (Part One)

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However, before Spencer said anything, Matt couldn't stand it anymore and said reproachfully, "Max, Spencer is your brother. Why are you so mean to him?"

For his misunderstandings, Max neither refuted nor agreed. He just walked to the sofa and sat down with an indifferent look on his face.

"Most of the people outside don't know about Spencer. I've arranged a press conference. The opening ceremony of the farm will be held tomorrow. During the ceremony, all people know about him."

Max's sentence dispelled all the doubts of Senior Mr. Mu. Since he had made this decision, he would have no objection to the returning of Spencer.

Although Spencer didn't want to cause the misunderstanding between him and his father Senior Mr. Mu and get rid of it, he was glad that his father would tell everyone who he was tomorrow.

As Max said, there were very few people in this city who knew that he was the son of the Mu Family. Almost everyone knew nothing about him except the Mu Family. If he wanted to get his identity back, it meant that he could find a good reason when he competed for property in the future.

He didn't know whether Max was made a mistake or was it intentional to pave the way for him.

If it was the former, Max would be too careless. But he knew that with the personality of Max, it was impossible for the former, then there would be only the latter.

Now that Max had put him in an awkward position and been able to fight for the property against him, did it mean that Max looked down upon him?

He thought even if he had the right to compete with him. But the ultimate winner was him Max?

There was a sulk in his chest. Spencer felt uncomfortable being looked down upon by anyone. His face darkened and

about Andrew? Are you interested in spending our last time together?"

"Okay, I'll listen to you, Mr. Matt."

Hearing Andrew's answer, Matt smiled.

Indeed, he hadn't been out for so many years. He would indulge himself for the rest of his life and leave these trifles to himself. He would let them deal with the things of the younger generation.

When Spencer came out, he found that Max was still there. Max leaned against the car and looked at him indifferently.

"Brother, are you still here?"

He said in a mocking tone, which was different from his restraint and kindness in front of Matt a moment ago.

Now there were only two of them. It was unnecessary for him to hide anything from an open person.

"Don't play any tricks."

Max's words were brief and to the point. His tone was cold and emotionless. Hearing that, Spencer smiled and said, "what tricks can I play?"

After taking a deep look at him, Max opened the door and was about to get on the car.

"But I have to remind you one thing, as long as my identity is exposed tomorrow, I have an justified reason to fight against you for the Mu Group. Aren't you really afraid?"

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