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   Chapter 122 Relief

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After getting into the car, Leila said to Robert, "I'm sorry. I have been avoiding you these days. You must be tired."

Hearing what she said, Robert took a look at her from the rearview mirror and then smiled. "Nothing."

Leila nodded in agreement. She didn't know what to say for a moment, so she fell into silence. After a pause, Robert asked, "can you tell me why you've been avoiding me recently?"

Hearing his question, Leila pursed her lips and decided to tell him the truth.

"Because you were my senior when I was in college. The moment I saw you, I remembered myself at that time. I used to hate my present situation. But who would have thought that I would become the person I hate most? "

She said lightly, with an obvious self mockery in her tone.

After a pause, Robert continued, "it seems to be my fault. I remind you of your past."

With a slight smile, Leila said, "you did nothing wrong. I was being too sentimental."

Robert answered, "If girls don't act coquettishly, they won't be cute. But you don't have to. I think you are in good state now."

Leila raised her eyes in surprise. Whether he said it to comfort her or to tell her the truth, his words stimulated her courage to face her own emotions.

If she was really in a good condition as he said, then she didn't have to hide from him anymore.

"You are different from those women around Mr. Mu."

She had heard it from many people, but she still felt it a little different when it came to Robert.

Leila didn't say anything.

"So, don't look down upon yourself. All you have done is on your own, and no one can help you to get where you are today. So stick to it."

Robert's words were full of sincerity. Hearing that, Leila smiled with innocence, just like what she did in the university, "Okay, thank you."

Robert smiled and didn't say anything. Although they didn't talk much on the way, they were not as stiff as they were several days ago. The atmosphere in the air became gentle. They came to the farm all the way.

Before stepping into the gate of the farm, she saw Maria sitting on the steps and looking at the flowers and plants in front of her.

"I'm coming."

Maria looked at her and said, "morning."

Leila answered helplessly, "the press conference will be held tomorrow. I am worried a lot at the apartment. I am afraid of something happening at the farm, so I come and have a look."

The only thing that could make people feel at ease was that they did it themselves. Therefore, Leila prepared to stay at the farm for the whole day.

"Speaking of which, Mr. Mu came here today."

Hearing Maria's words, Leila was a little surprised. She thought she came early enough today. And now it was only seven o'clock, so it meant six o'clock in the morning. What's more, Max had come here at five o'clock?

Yet time didn't matter. Now that Max had come once, he would look through the farm. If there was something wrong with the farm, he would inform her immediately, but she didn't get the news, which meant he had acknowledged her perfection.

Like getting the answer to the big question of the examination paper, Leila felt relieved now. The corners of her mouth upward indicated her happiness.

"Did he say anything?"

"No, he did

When he said this, his tone was very calm, as if he was not unhappy because Max hung up his phone, Matt appreciated Spencer's magnanimity and then was dissatisfied with Max's attitude. After all, Spencer was his younger brother. Although he had been living outside for several years, he was still related to blood. It could not be changed in any case. Now that he had returned to the Mu Family, he was still a member of the Mu Family.

All Max's performance did not show that he did not accept Spencer. It was the first time he did so, which made Matt a little unhappy.

"But you don't need to worry about him, father. He will be back soon,"

Said Spencer, observing Matt's facial expression. He knew that it was because of his one sentence that made him have opinions on Max. He smiled unfathomably.

Matt nodded and sat on the sofa, waiting for Max to come back.

It was not until in the afternoon that Max returned to the Mu Family's private house. Naturally, it aroused Matt's dissatisfaction again. He made a call in the morning, and Spencer said that Max would come back soon, which made him wait for a whole day. He had never had such an attitude before. Was it because of the returning of Spencer that his behavior had changed?

"Why do you come back so late?"

Matt said openly. Hearing that, Max took a look at him and said, "I'm hindered by the company's affairs."

Speaking of the company, the expression of Spencer who was standing beside changed. Although he had been approved by Senior Mr. Mu to come back to the Mu Family, Matt still did not allow him to take over the Mu Group. It was just a nominal recognition.

Max's gaze swept across him indifferently, but the latter could not help but pause. Although it was only for a moment, he felt a warning from his gaze.

Spencer snorted in disdain.

Although he had not taken over the Mu Group, he believed that as long as he maintained his current attitude, Senior Mr. Mu would soon completely lay down his guard.

"Haven't you had lunch yet, brother? We have prepared lunch for you. Come and have lunch with us."

Spencer said excitedly. Max replied indifferently, "I've had lunch."

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