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   Chapter 116 A Misunderstanding

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When Leila went back to the company, it was already one o'clock in the afternoon. When she entered the office, she found that Wendi was already waiting for her. She couldn't help asking, "what's wrong?"

Seeing her back, Wendi was surprised. She asked, "who did you go out with this noon?"

Leila's heart sank when she heard that, even though everyone knew that she went out with Max. But why did Wendi ask such a question? In other words, the problem was not about Max.

By contrast, the people she met this noon were not only Max but also Charles. Judging from Wendi's indirect tone, she was afraid that most people would make mischief out of her meeting with Charles.

Coincidentally, the rumors came to the ears of Max, so Wendi asked her the same question. Leila surmised.

"Are you with Charles today?"

Wendi asked like this .Leila knew her guess was right.

"Does Max come to the company?"

Wendi nodded and said, "not long after you left, Max came to the company and left when he found you were not in. Although he said nothing, I still felt a little uneasy."

Hearing this, Leila felt something different. She knew that Wendi did everything for her. When Wendi said this, she was very sincere and sincere. She had a sensitive instinct. That was to say, Max was abnormally strong.

There were only a few people against her, but now there was no evidence or clue. She didn't know who framed her, so she frowned tightly. "Did he not tell you why he came?"

"No. He just asked me if you have come back. I said no. then he left."

Leila was confused. Since Max didn't say anything about her and Charles, then how did Wendi know? She seemed to know her doubts. She replied, "

When you entered the private room with Charles, I happened to see you. "

Leila didn't doubt what Wendi said, but she didn't know who leaked her whereabouts.

She also knew that Max would not come to the Song Group for no reason. He had only one purpose to come here, that was, Leila. From this point, she could speculate that someone had told her the news of her meeting with Charles, so he came to her. But when he didn't come, it proved the news.

If she guessed right, she would be in danger tonight.

She knew that Max had a strong possessive desire and would declare a crime without confounding right and wrong, even if she was innocent.

"Are you sure you can deal with this matter related to Max coming here?"

Leila was a little surprised to hear Wendi's such a question, but soon she smiled bitterly. In fact, she didn't know whether she could deal with it. After all, people like Max, who was unpredictable, were hard to control. So, if Leila wanted to find a remedy for her mistake, it would not work.

She could only take it one step at a time in front of Max. In short, she knew that no matter how angry Max was, he would not hurt her. It was just a corresponding punishment, but it was often more difficult to bear.

Now, she had no choice but to obey his will. After all, she had to bear the consequences of her own carelessness.

"Don't worry. He won't do anything to me,"

Leila didn't want to make Wendi worry a

ression on her face, like sitting on pins and needles. Hearing that, Max glanced at her with a strange look, and then asked, "what are you doing?"

Leila was shocked. She had prepared for many kinds of situations about the first step of the law, but she didn't expect that Max would react like this. He should have been furious when he knew she was having dinner with another man, but why was he so calm?

All of a sudden, an idea crossed her mind. Was it possible that Max came to the company not as Wendi guessed, because Max knew that she met with Charles and came to confirm it with her. It was just a coincidence, or perhaps he was on a spur of the moment?

If that was the case, all the conjectures she and Wendi had guessed would not stand up. They would not believe that she had been framed up. It was only their conjecture, but now the conjecture in her mind seemed somewhat ridiculous.

Leila straightened her face and answered, "Nothing."

Max took a glance at her indifferently, and then turned to look at the news channel where she was watching.

Leila breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that she and Wendi were making a fuss about it, thinking that Max came to the company to find her because he knew something about the rumor.

Her heavy heart was relieved, and she said to the maid beside her, "help me cut a plate of fruit."

The maid nodded and turned away.

When Leila was relaxed, she suddenly heard a cold voice, and she became vigilant at once. The cold sweat sprang up on her back.

"What's wrong? Haven't you had enough fruit for lunch?"

Max's tone was still emotionless, which sounded the same as usual, but in Leila's ears, it was like a shock. Her mind suddenly surged.

At noon, she and Max hadn't started to move in the box and had already followed his orders. There was not even a glass of water, let alone a fruit. Therefore, he said this not simply to ask her.

All of the explanations could only be that he really saw her meeting with Charles. And just as she and Wendi guessed, they confirmed that their guess was not empty talk, but real.

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