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   Chapter 107 Give Max A Company

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They arrived at the Mu Group soon. Leila got off the car. Mr. Zhang stared at her back until she disappeared from the spiral door in front of the company and he picked up the phone in his hand.

"Sir, Miss Leila goes upstairs."

On the other end of the phone, when hearing this sentence, Max did not answer but looked at the office door. Not long after, a crisp sound of high heels colliding with the floor could be heard.

Hearing that, Max's eyes turned a little deep. He looked at the door and soon a beautiful figure appeared.

When Leila walked to the door of his office, she didn't dare to ask him why he didn't allow her to go to the farm. Instead, she walked to him carefully and saw that he still lowered his head and buried himself in work. She compressed her lips and didn't say anything.

"For what?"

"Nothing. I just come to see you." said Leila, even without Max looking up.

Her flattery to Max wasn't like the disgusting emotion when others said such words to him. Perhaps he thought it was kind of awkward and cute.

He looked at her with a deep but inexplicable look, which was rare.

His eyes were so deep that it looked like there was a pool of water in it, too deep to see the bottom.

"See me?"

He repeated Leila's words and she realized that she had said such a thing. She was a little shy and replied: "yes."

He liked to see the little woman showing such an expression in front of him very much, so he raised his eyebrows and pulled Leila into his arms.

She was so attractive in his arms. He had feelings. How could he control himself not have sex with her? A hint of difference gradually showed in his eyes. He leaned to her ear and said in a charming voice, "what? Didn't I satisfy you last night? "

No matter how long it had passed, she would be as shy as an inexperienced woman as long as this topic was brought up. Hearing this, Max's eyes darkened and he kissed her on her white and tender neck.

She was just like a sheep into a tiger's mouth. She ran to him and put her into his mouth.

Leila's face was as red as a tomato. She tried to avoid him, but didn't expect that such an act would turn him more untamed.

He stopped kissing her as he didn't invite her here to sleep with her. At present, he had something more important to do with her.

"Take this contract to your father and let him sign it."

"Don't worry. This contract won't do any harm to the Song Group," said Max in a cold tone, with a trace of coldness on his face, as Leila took the document.

Leila's face turned pale. She knew that her husband had seen through her. In fact, it wasn't that she didn't believe in Max. If he wanted the Song Group to go bankrupt, he could make it easily. He didn't care about the small Song Group.

She just showed her confusion and anxiety this time out of conditioned reflex. After all, she had been with him for such a long time that she was always squeezed by him. She thought he was punishing her this time.

However, it was obvious that Max misunderstood her. She pursed her lips and did not intend to explain. Like last

that he would infuriate this delicate tree.

A trace of disgust appeared on Leila's face, but it disappeared in an instant. She said calmly, "Mr. Mu asked me to bring this contract to you. Have a look."

When Johnson heard the name, a pair of old eyes lit up, as if he had heard the sound of nature. He looked greedy and appalling. After taking the document handed over by Leila and reading it, he was suddenly cheered up.

"Okay, okay, Leila, you did live up to your father's expectations. With the support and help of Mr. Mu, our Song Group will become a giant in D city in the future. I'm looking forward to it!"

Said Johnson, with a big smile on his face. He patted on Leila's shoulder while the latter avoided his touch calmly and said, "yes."

It would be soon for her to take back all the shares of the Song Group!

But then again, Johnson was so greedy. He didn't know who he was, but he still dreamed of becoming the giants in the D city. After all, there were so many financial giants in this city. Even if Max dragged him into it, he still couldn't survive in this city.

Leila felt sick. She said coldly, "I'll go back first. Please send it to the Mu Group after you sign it."

In fact, Johnson didn't have the mood to talk to her. He kept reading the documents in his hands, which almost seemed to be worn out.

He was worrying that there were no tourists in that tourist company, and that it was going to be closed down soon. It was the right time for Max to support the company. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and said, "Leila, your father has one more thing that I need Mr. Mu to help..."

Leila wrinkled her brows. When she was about to say no, she heard Johnson say, "our Song Group has a small entertainment company. I don't have any way to work there. If he wants, I'll give this company to Mr. Mu."

Leila raised her eyebrows. Give?

Noticing her serious expression, Johnson smiled and explained, "Mr. Mu has sent me such a good gift. If I don't return it, it will be very disgraceful. After all, everyone knows the courtesy."

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