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   Chapter 106 A Huge Loophole

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Cotton? Leila was surprised to hear his decision. What did he want with cotton?

However, she also knew that Max was making up for the mistake she had made. He had a reason to do so, and for the power of Max, Leila was not doubting it.

She nodded and said, "I see."

Max gave her a bleak look, and then turned around and walked into the farm.

Leila was not in charge of the decoration of the farm, but she was the supervisor. If something went wrong, it was her responsibility.

Leila had never expected it would be an important position to keep watch on the farm. Now she knew it. She felt easy to do so because she didn't follow up the pace of Max. And now with Max by her side, she became more nervous.

It was because of this that she realized her dereliction of duty. She should have been thoroughly examined after the construction of the farm finished, so that she would not be so perturbed when Max came to examine it in person today.

She could always learn a lot from him. Although she was scolded by him today, she knew her mistakes. At least, this lesson could help her do something in the future.

Leila comforted herself in the same way. Following Max, she inspected the whole farm.

During this period, Max neither raised any objections nor rebuked her. When Leila walked out, she breathed a long sigh of relief, knowing that she had passed.

When Max looked at the woman who was apparently relaxed, a strange expression flashed across his deep and long eyes. He said, "for such a farm, its market value can only reach 70%."

Hearing the comment, Leila's face turned pale. To a certain extent, she knew Max had a personality, and always pursued perfection. Now his comment was a big blow to her.

Before, Leila had always felt that the farm was her most satisfactory work. Now, she had been beaten into pieces by Max. Anyone would feel uncomfortable, let alone her, the work that she had painstakingly done.

However, no matter how dissatisfied she was with Max's behavior, she did not dare to say it in front of him.

"Many details are not fully completed. Not only your problem, but also some construction workers. I hope to see a perfect farm before the press conference."

Hearing that, Leila was somewhat depressed. No one was able to be confident and face the matter calmly after the series of punishments. She was just an ordinary woman, so she could not be able to be so calm.

"If you can't do it, don't force yourself. I'll send someone else to perfect it," said Max in a low voice, clearly aware of her emotional change.

Although it was a typical way to goad her into beating, Leila fell into the trap. No one was willing to give their child to a stepmother. She raised her little face and said obstinately, "I can!"

With a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, Max slowly turned around and walked towards the car. In the direction of his car, Leila followed him. "Are you going back?" she asked.

"Go back before dark," said Max dryly.

It was like giving her freedom. As Leila was on holiday, she looked ex

eila took a look at the porridge and took a deep breath. It was prepared by Max, but when she saw it on the table, she was shocked. He indeed wanted to raise her as a pig. How could she eat such sufficient breakfast?

However, it turned out that people had infinite potential. She was not in a hurry to finish the breakfast in front of her.

Later she knew that the breakfast prepared by Max was reasonable. Although it seemed to be a lot, the breakfast had the best nutrition and quantity, which would not make people feel bored after eating it.

Leila had her things cleaned up. She arrived at the farm. Her main task was to perfect the finishing touches of the farm so that it would show itself perfectly in front of people.

In fact, the reason why she worked so hard now was that she wanted to change her position in Max's heart. She didn't want to be underestimated by him all the time. This time, she had to make him impressed!

Mr. Zhang had already been waiting for her in front of the apartment door and asked: "where is Miss Leila going today?"

After entering the car, Leila said, "to the farm."

Taking a look at her, Mr. Zhang didn't move, but said, "Mr. Mu said that Miss Leila was not allowed to go to the farm today."

Hearing this, Leila's eyes widened. How could she wind everything up if she didn't go to the farm?

"Why not?"

Mr. Zhang waved his hand to Leila and said, "I'm only responsible for delivering Max's message."

Hearing this, Leila frowned and said, "I have to go to the Mu Group."

Mr. Zhang knew what she needed to do to the company, and did not stop her. He just followed her instructions and drove the car in the direction of the company.

After getting off the car, Leila regretted her impulse. What could she do even if she came to the company? How could she confront Max? It turned out to be a wish, but since she was already here, it was better to ask the reason.

He had deprived her right of going to the farm in such a manner in spite of her will. She could not understand that.

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