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   Chapter 105 An Inspection Tour Of The Farm (Part Two)

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Although she was not as outstanding as Max in terms of hard power, she was confident in soft power.

Leila's mind was spinning fast. She not only limited to the traditional way of publicity, but also accepted some new things much faster than others. So she didn't worry about this area and what she lacked was only an opportunity.

But now, there was not much time left. Even Leila began to worry. If she failed to do the best publicity on the farm within the given time, it was possible that Max would fulfill his promise.

Then the situation would be irreversible. With so much pressure, Leila began to seriously deal with this matter. Her brain was running rapidly, trying to find a suitable plan for her.

A few days later, Max brought Leila to the farm. Standing in front of the building, Leila felt proud. The building was piled up slowly, like her child grew up little by little. It was full of affection that no one could understand.

"Miss Leila, you are here."

The employees of the farm were very familiar with Leila. When they saw her, they greeted her, which surprised Max who was standing next to her.

He had asked her to be fully in charge of the farm, but he had been a little worried that his employees would misunderstand her because of Leila's reputation.

Max admitted that at the beginning, he really wanted to polish Leila, in fact, she was really polished, but she easily turned her image in the employees' mind, which made him surprised.

It was beyond Max's expectation that this woman was capable of grasping people's mind, yet Leila didn't know the psychological changes

he house. The fruit and vegetables of the farm were not only for the persons on holiday to pick them. Moreover, he even wanted to get it on the market. She could tell that Max had planned the proportion of the draft when he designed it. Now as she destroyed the balance without authorization, she suddenly understood how powerful it was. Her face turned pale for a while.

Surely, if she made a fool of herself in front of Max, she would be like a contemptible scoundrel. With a gloomy face, Leila knew that she had caused a great loss to Max because of her, so she didn't retort to him.

Looking at the silent Leila in front of him, Max knew that she understood the loss caused because of her.

Now that it was a foregone conclusion, no matter how he rebuked Leila, he could not make up for it. What he could do was to make some changes on the basis of this so as to minimize the loss.

After taking a look at the place where the fruit and vegetables had been planted, Max continued, "remove all the vegetables and fruits on this land and change them into cotton."

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