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   Chapter 104 An Inspection Tour Of The Farm (Part One)

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She didn't have self-discipline at all. The woman he hated a lot before had become an advantage on her.

With a deep look in Max's eyes and a variety of thoughts in his mind, Max and Leila were both silent, so the atmosphere in the car was a bit oppressive.

When Leila recovered from the shock, she was back in the apartment. After going through all these, she finally arrived at the apartment. It seemed that Max was not going to go out today, and she could not go out of the apartment either because of his order. She had to obediently follow his footsteps into the house.

The maid was cleaning the room. And she was surprised to see them coming back. There was little chance for them to come back during the day, and today they came back together.

This maid was hired by Max again after the last one. With the properties of the previous two maids, this one was lively and self-discipline. Leila thought this maid should be able to stay longer this time.

After entering the room, Max sat on the sofa and read the financial newspaper attentively.

He held the newspaper so tightly that his knuckles turned white.

Leila sat beside him, watching TV with boredom. She was changing channels with the remote control in her hand. As she gazed at the screen, her mind was wandering for thousands of miles.

She was more willing to spill water and water vegetables at the farm than stay idle in the apartment. Perhaps it was because Max being around, she always felt uneasy about doing anything. However, at the farm, she could play freely with the scent of air.

Her eyes were empty, and she kept changing channels. Max who was beside her looked at her and said in a low voice, "do you want to go out?"


a while and suppressed the dissatisfaction in her heart. Indeed, she was inferior to Max's power.

Taking the design drawing of the farm as an example, she had known clearly how powerful Max was.

She was not as capable as Max, so in today's society, she could only listen to the words of the person who was a little better. To survive.

Leila paid all her attention on how to perfect the farm.

The farm was basically completed, and there was only one thing left, which was publicity.

The publicity of the farm could not took advantage of celebrities like some articles. The farm was described as the farm, but in fact, it was a resort. Hence, the promotion of the resort could not made use of celebrities.

Leila struggled on this part. After all, this was the last project. If they couldn't put a perfect end to it, then it would probably become the biggest shortcoming of their project.

If the promotion didn't work well, they would suffer tremendous losses. Leila knew well that she couldn't disappoint Max since he made her be fully in charge of the farm, and most importantly, she couldn't let him look down upon her, like now.

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