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   Chapter 103 Spencer Went Back To The Mu Family

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10627

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Hearing that, Leila's heart couldn't help beating with excitement. Only Max could say such words in such an aloof and arrogant tone.

Today's sun was not very strong, sending out a gentle light, which just shone on Max's side face through the window. It seemed to have added a soft light to his skin. Looking at his side face, Leila lost a breath.

Such a situation had happened more than once. A few times before, she could hypnotize herself and think it was an illusion, but today she could clearly feel her change. Leila pursed her lips slightly, with an inexplicable expression.

"How did you walk?"

"I was stumbled by the staircase when I went upstairs just now," said Leila, who felt something unusual in her heart

Max did not speak. He tied the bandage in his hand, and then looked up at her with indifference all the time. Looking at her slightly red face, he said in a low voice, "it seems that I should not let you walk alone in the future."

Leila didn't know how charming Max was when she heard it, so when she looked into his eyes, her heart beat faster for no reason. She was familiar with this feeling, just like in the University, her heart beat so fast every time she met Veron.

For Leila, Her wishful thinking had been thoroughly destroyed by Max, and a little bit of foreboding seemed to be covered this time, which made her nervous and suppress her thoughts. She couldn't continue to let it go. She had learned a few lessons last time, and if she didn't learn to restrain, it would probably not be as good as before, since Max had been so kind to her two times.

They had a clear relationship. One wanted his power and the other wanted her body. They were willing to cooperate. If something happened, other feelings would be unfavorable to their relationship.

Such a harmonious relationship could only be maintained in the way of the two people. Once it changed, they would no longer be harmonious and break the balance. Perhaps she would not be able to continue to stay by the side of Max.

Even not for anything else, the thought of her mother who was still in the hospital calmed her down instantly. Looking at the side face of Max, the beating in her heart was stifled by her compulsion, and her original feelings was stifled in the cradle.


When she was lost in her thoughts, Max' low voice sounded again. Leila woke up in an instant. She hurriedly nodded and said, "can we leave now?"

Looking at her mysterious eyes, Max looked strange as she couldn't understand what he was thinking about, then he ignored them, stood up and walked out of the bedroom. Leila knew that he was leaving, so she hurriedly got out of bed and followed him.

The wound on her legs was just on her knees, so when she was walking, her skin was affected as well. A kind of piercing pain spread. Leila looked a little pale. She tried her best to endure the pain and followed behind Max.

When the latter walked out of the door of the apartment, he looked back at her, and then his face darkened and picked her up. Leila screamed, but soon she kept silent again. When she raised her head, she could only see his smooth and tough chin. Leila coul

just talked with Max was not Spencer.

It was arrogant. Leila said angrily, "how could you let Spencer come back?"

Hearing her angry tone, Max raised his eyebrows and found it somewhat funny. It was his business. Why was she so indignant? Was it because she was on his side?

After saying that, Leila found something strange. It was not only because her mind had changed, in general, he would blame her for being too nosy, but unexpectedly, he didn't rebuke her today.

The strange way they got along with each other made Leila a little uncomfortable. She moved her body and didn't say anything. Sitting next to her, Max glanced at her and said calmly, "don't worry. I can handle him."

Leila felt even more uncomfortable after hearing what he said. She had felt that Max's style in the morning seemed to be different from usual, but she couldn't tell what was the difference until now.

He was no longer as indifferent as before. His tone had obviously changed. Moreover, his attitude towards her had also turned from indifference to caring about her thoughts now.

Was it due to influence or realization. Leila didn't know when they began to have such a relationship.

But the most important thing was that she knew clearly that she couldn't let it be this time. She had to be firm in her heart, because she knew that Max was not someone she could control.

A certain distance between two people could make a long-term life.

This was also the experience that Leila had accumulated during her stay with Max. She looked ahead indifferently, with a look of alienation.

Max's remained light reflected her emotion. He frowned in a way that was almost unnoticeable. He knew clearly what people were thinking about. Leila was a person who could not hide her feelings. Her thoughts would be fully expressed on her face. So he was very displeased with her indifference to him.

He had always liked self-discipline women. So he had kept Leila by his side because of this characteristic of her. And he had been satisfied with her, too. But he didn't know since when he liked her more to show her nature.

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