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   Chapter 102 Senior Mr. Mu

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"Rosa, thank you for taking care of Max these days."

"You're welcome, uncle."

Rosa was quite charming with a shy smile on her face.

"Max, I come to you today for one thing."

The man who spoke was Max's father, Matt. He was nearly sixty years old and looked very healthy and strong. If it was not rumored that Senior Mr. Mu had a problem, nobody would think that the old man standing in front of him, who looked vigorous, was a patient.

Senior Mr. Mu had a son late. After he was 30, he had a son named Max. Then, he had another son named Spencer. Now, the two kids had grown up, but their life paths were completely different. Matt never worried about Max, but he has been secretly watching Spencer who had been driven out from the house early.

In those days, the reason why Spencer was driven out wasn't that Matt didn't love him. Actually, Matt loves both of them. How could he give up his own child? He just wanted to train Spencer, but Spencer took it too seriously. Then, something lost control. In fact, Matt still felt guilty.

Matt had been working in the business world for so many years, and he was able to decide which one was suitable and which one was not. Obviously, Max was like a good piece of jade he had chosen. After carefully carving, he was finally like a delicate jade, and Matt was deeply impressed.

Over the years, Matt had pinned all his hopes on Max, ignoring Spencer, which caused his personality to be distorted, and then he had done such an absurd thing. But now, Matt's body was getting worse. He didn't want to do anything else, just trying to make up for his love towards Spencer.

Therefore, it was obvious that Matt came to see Max.

Max had a very good relationship with his father. They always respected each other. Senior Mr. Mu was more like a teacher than a father. Therefore, he respected every decision his father made.

It was not difficult for Senior Mr. Mu to make his wish come true, as long as Max worked more carefully every day.

"Max, you know what I'm thinking. Your brother has been out for so many years. He must have suffered a lot. It's time for us to make up for it."

Max nodded and said, "Dad, don't worry. I'll take him back."

Max didn't tell Matt that Spencer was no longer the innocent man. After so many years of baptism, he became more fierce and malicious. It was not an easy thing to make up for him.

He wouldn't tell anything about Spencer. As long as he didn't do anything to hurt Matt, he would turn a blind eye to anything else.

"That's good. By the way, when are you going to get engaged with Rosa?"

As soon as Matt said that, the faces of Max and Rosa had different expressions. Obviously, Rosa was pleased. Although Max hadn't opened up his heart to her yet, as long as she got along well with Matt, it would be easier for her to deal with Max.

A sl

I want to go to the bathroom."

She said tentatively, and then Max loosened her hand. Obviously, Leila panicked and fled to the bathroom.

What would Max be like with gentleness and sense? Leila dared not to think about it before. But after she really had an experience, she lost her mind and was once again confirmed that she was a masochist.

"Dress up and go to a place with me."

When she came out of the bathroom, she happened to meet Max. The latter said, and then his eyes ran down her. After that, he said, "remember to make up."

"Oh." Leila was a little relieved. She was relieved to see that he was back to normal.

To be honest, his appearance would be very tempting if you didn't know his nature, but Leila knew Max well, so she felt a little terrified.

But fortunately, it was the same Max. A man with an indifferent look on his face, and she would worry for a long time if she said something wrong. She looked at herself in the mirror and took a deep breath.

This time, she needed to take good care of her heart. Otherwise she would never be able to escape. Max was a powerful and treacherous thing. The more eye-catching he was, the more dangerous he was. The most important thing for Leila was to protect herself.

When she went downstairs, Max was already sitting at the table and eating breakfast. Hearing the footsteps, he looked up at her. After a strange look flashed through his eyes, he lowered his head and did not speak.

Leila was still stunning in her light blue dress, which was delicately laced, falling to her ankle. The hemline of her dress was as big as the wind, making her like a fairy.

As for Leila, her temperament was similar to light blue, which had some elegance and appreciation. Her eyes were shining with extreme charm, while her smile was pure and innocent. Leila's temperament between temptation and innocence was irresistible to any man.

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