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   Chapter 101 Fighting For The Beauty (Part Two)

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"It's raining."

She said subconsciously. Max saw that she was leaning on the car window in the gloomy light of the bar, like a child. She was very curious about the falling rain. Clearly, she didn't like rainy days, but now she didn't hate it so much.

He liked to see her happy face when she saw the rain water. The joy in her eyes was very infectious, which transferred her emotions to him. He also became delighted.

"The rain is so beautiful."

Leila liked raindrops, especially in summer. The feeling when her fingertips touched the skin was beyond joy. She leaned on the window, her eyes lighting up.

Leila didn't notice that. It seemed that Max was trying to slow down so that Leila could feel her heartbeat. Leila noticed that and turned around. "Are you tired of it?" he asked

She shook her head reflexively, and then nodded when she realized it. With a blink of his eyes, Max made no answer, and then drove very fast.

With an emotion that she didn't know what's going on, Leila pursed her lips and felt that Max seemed to be different from her memory.

Since when did he take care of her feelings? Even she herself would not believe it. But in fact, it just happened.

With good driving skill, it was even stable on such a slippery ground. Leila tried to get off the car, but was stopped by Max. She looked at an indifferent face doubtfully.

"You are not allowed to catch a cold in the apartment."

Hearing what he said, Leila felt warm somehow. Even though these were concerned words, she could sense the subtext of his words.

She couldn't help but think that their getting along with each other gradually became more and more harmonious. More oddly, the ta

xively grabbed her collar and didn't dare to make a sound.

Max's eyes were gradually filled with fire, and a seductive smile appeared on his lips. He held her in his arms all the way to the bathroom slowly.

Leila knew clearly what would happen next. As a punishment for her refusal last night, she learnt her lesson and didn't do anything, allowing him to do anything.

It was noon. Summer was especially drowsy. After a fierce battle, she fell asleep deeply. Looking at her sleeping face, Max gradually showed a lovely expression between his eyebrows.

Since Leila didn't sleep well last night, she got up at 9 o'clock at night. When she woke up, she searched around the apartment, but didn't find Max. Then she remembered what Rosa had told her this morning.

He might be at the Mu Family with Rosa right now. It was not the first time that he had hung out with Rosa, but she was strangely uncomfortable tonight. She took a deep drink and washed off her anger.

Outside the window, the bright moonlight enveloped the city. She stood in front of the window and looked into the distance, heading for the Mu Family.

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