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   Chapter 100 Fighting For The Beauty (Part One)

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 5612

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Rosa's heart sank. If it was for the sake of Max, she had the confidence to get rid of her, but if it was only for the sake of his power, it would be difficult to do so. In the whole D City, it was almost impossible to get rid of her thought.

After all, human beings were always greedy in front of money, and no one was willing to give up such a fat meat.

"I'll go back tonight."

Max didn't promise or refuse, but he said it with understatement. When Leila heard it, she took a look at him. She could tell that he was rejecting her, but it was too euphemistic. That was why Rosa didn't understand him at all.

"Okay, then I'll come to you tonight."

She was still paying attention to Leila when she said it, so that she ignored the impatience across the surface of Max.

Rosa had thought about it carefully. In fact, if she was willing to, she could talk about it with Leila. What she wanted to do was to use the power of Max to realize her dream. Once the company's shares were bought back, she would consciously leave Max. She didn't need to worry about it.

But women were always like this. As long as one wanted to be with someone, then every woman around him would see him as an enemy. Even if they had a false enemy, it was impossible for a woman to talk with her enemy.

As a result, when everything had become irreversible, she found that she had done something wrong and that everything was irreversible. Since everything was irreversible, she couldn't do anything about that.

When Lena was driving, both of them were waiting for her at the door. Both of them had different temperament and outstanding appearance, but when they were together, they had a

ce it was destined to be useless, why should she do it?

"Don't try to ruin your reputation."

His tone was full of threat. And Leila immediately became quiet. At this moment, nothing could be more important than his plan to expose her identity and change his mind.

"A press conference will be held in a week. During this time, you must get everything ready for the farm."

Hearing that, Leila nodded, "I see. Don't worry."

Leila dared not make a sound as Max made no answer. She looked out of the window.

The weather in July was easy to get changed. The previous second, it was sunny, and the next second, the sky was overcast, which was the real situation.

As if to swallow this city, the clouds were swarming with dark clouds outside. And Max was not decreased at all. Leila's heart was in her throat. Her whole body was boiling as if she had been sitting on Max's car for the first time.

It began to drizzle after a while of gloom. The raining was hasty and fierce. The raindrops hit the window, leaving a trail. Sitting in the car of "Max" in such weather, it was an indescribable excitement.

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