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   Chapter 98 Peggy's Visit Again (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-02-12 00:22

Leila could clearly feel the cold breath from the man behind her. She pursed her lips. The stubbornness in her heart broke down at this time. The strength in her hands gradually disappeared, and Max's eyes became deeper.

When the strength of her palm completely disappeared, Max lost her interest. It would be hard to make people happy if they didn't happen under the condition that they were willing. Max had high expectations of himself and had higher requirements of being a female companion.

Apparently, Leila had crossed the line. If it was in the past, he would have abandoned such a woman long ago. But for this woman, he would like to see how long she could be proud!

"Remember, this is your own choice."

His voice was cold, with irresistible aggressiveness. Leila trembled a little, and a bad feeling came over her.

"I will hold a press conference tomorrow, to announce the formal opening of the farm, and you, as a supervisor, will be present."

His words made Leila feel more and more uneasy. She had heard about the news conference. As a supervisor, or the owner of the farm, it was natural for her to show up. However, when hearing that Max mentioned this, she could not help but wonder.

As she expected, her heart was completely thrown to the bottom of the valley by the next sentence of Max. He said, "then we will announce that you are the second person in charge of the farm. Get ready."

When he spoke, his eyes fixed on her. Noticing a dash of nervousness flashed through her eyes, he knitted his brows, turned around and left gracefully, ignoring her expression.

The only way to disobey him was to pay a certain price.

Indeed, Leila was punished. She looked pale and a little dispirited.

If he disclos

Max raised his eyebrows and looked at her quietly. He knew Leila's unusual reaction must have something to ask for his help.

"About last night, I want to apologize to you."

She lowered her head so that no one could see her expression. There was a strange look in the deep eyes of Max. He pursed his lips and said indifferently, "who taught you to apologize with your head down?"

Hearing this, Leila was startled, and then slowly raised her head, her face filled with sleepless tiredness. Hearing that, Max's eyes turned deep, and he said, "why do you apologize?"

From ancient to modern times, it was always the first time that someone who had been asked about the reason why she had to go to work for an apology to him. Leila bit her lips and said, "I shouldn't have disobeyed you."

Max had a special ability to force her to say things she had never said before and do things she had never done before. This was the way it was now. Leila lowered her eyes and dared not look straight into his eyes even though she was raising her head.

A smile was gradually drawn at the corners of Max's mouth. In a moment of danger, he said, "what do you want?"

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