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   Chapter 97 Destructive Punishment

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Leila was back in the hall. She didn't want to explain about the misunderstandings between them, and even if she explained, Max would not believe her. Since the explanation would lead to the same result as not, why bother to explain?

It was already ten o'clock in the evening. The lights in the hall were almost out, and there was still some dim light in the hall. Leila moved to a random seat and sat down. Although it was not completely dark, she still had an instinctive fear of the word "black".

She couldn't remember why she was afraid of darkness. But she rarely experienced something like today when she grew up.

She was afraid of darkness because all her organs were magnified infinitely in the darkness. She could almost hear the noise from the hotel next door, but she trembled with fear even if it was her illusion.

She couldn't help shivering, and the emotions in the deep of her heart surged out, only to feel a huge sense of loneliness enveloping her. She wrapped her arms around her knees and hugged herself. This place was too far away, and there was a strange smell everywhere. She felt uncomfortable even if the air was sucked into her heart.

In the evening, the mood was the most overflowing. Leila thought of her childhood, though she had no sense of existence in the Song Family, and who was supposed to be a legally wedded member, she was greatly neglected. With the typical look of "Daisy" and "Sophia" and "Johnson", the three of them were having a good time.

Even so, she could still bear it because she had her mother by her side, but now, she had become a lonely person. She had to face the suppression of this man, Max. She had never thought that she would have such a chance.

It seemed that now, in addition to disappointed, there was also a hint of loss, which she could almost forget.

Why would she be disappointed? Was it because Max didn't believe her? Leila closed her eyes, and her mind was in a mess.

The moon stealthily climbed into the window, lighting up a bright side of the hall. She heaved a deep sigh in the quiet and then fell asleep.

Standing in front of the window and looking at the moonlight outside, Max's eyes became deep and deep. What flashed in his mind was her calm eyes when he held Rosa up to his chest. Why was she so calm?

The emotions in his heart got disturbed involuntarily when thinking of her. Max slightly narrowed his eyes, intending to suppress this strange emotion.


A soft call came from behind, interrupting his thoughts. Turning around indifferently, sitting on the bed and looking at Rosa, who had just woken up, Max asked in an indifferent tone, "are you feeling better?"

Rosa nodded her head and responded with a "yes". She looked at him with soft eyes. Max was stunned and speechless.

Frustrated, she lowered her head. In a low voice, Rosa said, "Max, don't look at me like that kind of eyes."


words "childhood playmate", which was exactly in Leila's way of thinking. She had always been considerate to freed her position, giving it to that "childhood playmate" Rosa. Now that she was the one in charge, it would be the right thing to do what she wanted to do.

Leila looked at him and said softly, "I accept."

Even if she didn't accept it, there were several things that he couldn't do as long as it was Max?

Besides, what he liked was her being obedient? After the punishments were laid out by Max, she thoroughly wanted to throw her momentary pride over. She stared at him, biting her lips, unable to speak.

"Then never come to the hospital again. Are you satisfied with this punishment?"

hearing that, Leila turned pale. Though she was not satisfied with what he said, there was no room for her to change his mind. With red eyes, Max, who looked at her, loosened his hand abruptly and stumbled across her.

The woman responsible for Max could only be in his control.

Looking at the leaving figure of Max, Leila smiled, full of self-mockery.

As expected, she thought that she had gone too far.

When she returned to the hotel, she didn't see Max. Leila was not in the mood to think where he had gone. She lay on the bed, looking listless.

She knew clearly about Max. Like an idiot, she played tricks on him first and then fell from the top of the cloud to the bottom. She could never get up risk fully. She was not allowed to go to hospital all her life, which was the style of Max.

She sneered at herself as she heard the sound of opening the door.

When she sank down, Leila was stiff. Knowing what was going to happen next, she wanted to resist for the first time tonight. Why did he deprive her of the right to go to hospital without permission.

She held the hand that Max stretched out tightly, and the man's breath became stronger, with the suffocating danger.

"Do you know what you are doing?"

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