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   Chapter 96 The Design By Rosa (Part Two)

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Rosa was shocked by her own question. It had only been two months since Leila met Max last time. Judging from their current state, they looked like a couple who had been married for many years. Even though she thought too much, she had to admit that Leila was almost a perfect match for Max.

"Over two months. What kind of person do you think Max is?"

She asked again. Leila just felt strange. It was not a good feeling to be asked by the first love of her current man, even if it was just a contract between her and Max.

"It sounds too causal. I can't tell you what kind of person he is."

She answered in a neither humble nor pushy tone. Rosa took a look at her and smiled, "Miss Song, you seem to have misunderstood me."

Leila raised her eyebrows. She was waiting for Rosa's next words. "I didn't mean anything else. As you know, my relationship with Max has been in the past. I don't ask you anything else. I just want to know how his life has been in the past few years," said Rosa.

Leila was amused by her words. What a silly and naive girl she was? It was almost impossible for her to believe what Rosa had said. To be honest, those words were so impolite and worthless.

"Miss Bai, obviously you didn't listen to me clearly. I've only been with Max for two months, and our relationship is only a bed partner. What do you think I know?"

She asked back in an unfriendly, not a kind-hearted tone, but she couldn't find any point to refute, so Rosa pressed her lips and said, "it's good that Miss Song has no misunderstanding. I just don't know what kind of attitude Max has towards you."

As she asked, her eyes flashed a strange light.

in her sight.

At last, he couldn't hold back his feelings for Rosa anymore. If she was sober, she would be relieved. Rosa had made so much trouble for her, just to make her give up?

Thinking of that, Leila looked a little sad. And Moore said in an indifferent tone, "aren't you sad?"

She was attracted for a while. She stared at Moore and said, "Why should I feel sad?"

Moore raised his eyebrows and smiled mysteriously. He said, "it's better if you insist, as you said, you won't last long."

Leila smiled and said, "thank you for your concern."

As she spoke, she turned around and went to the auditorium where she was sleeping, rather than in the direction that Max was leaving. Looking at her back, Moore whispered.


Once a person was curious about a person, his or her gaze would fall on that person. Over time, it would be hard to tear his or her gaze away from that person. But obviously, people couldn't understand this point. If Moore knew it, he would make the decision without hesitation, and that would not happen afterwards. Of course, it was another story.

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