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   Chapter 95 The Design By Rosa (Part One)

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Leila had mixed feelings. After what had happened in the small dark room, she didn't hate Max, which may be the reason why she wasn't angry at him when she found out he hadn't locked the door of the cabin.

If it wasn't Max, then who would it be?

Everyone knew who Leila was. If it was not Rosa, the only one left on that cruise was Moore. The answer was obvious. The last layer of the veil would be uncovered. Leila's face darkened. She pursed her lips and looked deep.

When she returned to the hall, the hall was empty. In fact, if she wanted to rest, she should go to a hotel next to the hall. But somehow, she opened the door and entered the hall.

They looked sacred and holy just like what they did in the day. There were couples here. Leila was fond of this place from the bottom of her heart, just like every woman.

In a trance, she remembered that this morning, when she and Max entered the hall, they had a hallucination that she was married to him. Now thinking it was funny, Leila sighed and walked to the platform.

When she stood in the position of the priest, she bit her lips and then raised her eyebrows, standing as the vicar did, in a low voice.

"Mr. Max, would you like to marry Leila Song, to show your respect, to protect her, and to live together with her for the rest of your life?"

She paused for a moment and chuckled, "sure enough, our names don't match."

She walked down the platform and sat on her seat, with a long sigh. She closed her eyes and began to meditate.

There would be a dinner party in the evening. If she hadn't gathered enough energy, it was hard to guarantee what Max's friends would treat her. If something like

eeply understood the meaning of his words.

'I should have the consciousness to break up with all men. '

Leila was standing there quietly. Moore cast a glance at her, then a touch of weirdness flashed through his eyes.

Max was holding a glass, shaking it gently. His gesture was elegant with a natural air of king.

"Max, I have something to talk to you. Can I borrow you for a while?"

Moore said in a cold tone. "There is no outsider." Max answered in a cold tone

Hearing that, Moore pursed his lips and frowned in an almost inaudible way. He said, "Max."

Putting down the glass of wine in his hand, Max walked straight away. Moore knowing that Max had taken in his words, he hurriedly followed his away.

After a while, only Leila and Rosa were left in the hall. Leila smiled and turned around, but they didn't know each other.

"How long have you been with Max, Miss Song?"

Leila turned to look at Rosa, but Rosa was already standing in front of her. Rosa's pure white dress was waving in the wind. She felt like walking on air. Leila finally came to her sense and said, "over two months."

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