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   Chapter 93 Toubles At The Party (Part One)

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 6225

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Leila didn't know what's the punishment he was asking until he disappeared in the distance. The last ray of light in the cabin disappeared with his leaving, and her body covered in darkness began to tremble. No one knew that Leila was afraid of darkness.

She hadn't had this feeling for a long time. If there was someone at this moment, he would find her lips extremely pale.

Leila was a strong woman, but no matter how strong she was, she had a soft spot. Max came across it by accident and grasped it firmly. This time, she admitted that it was no better than this punishment to make her afraid of being soft.

She wanted to beg for mercy, but she didn't open her mouth. But she made no sound. Her eyes turned red unconsciously. She curled up, and her eyes were full of fear and despair in the darkness.

A lonely person was hiding in this place and no one cared about this noisy boat.

Max walked out of the cabin, but did not leave. He looked back at the closed door of the cabin. He did not lock it. As long as Leila pulled it lightly, the door would be opened. But she did not move. A strange light flashed through his eyes.

Then he turned around and left without any emotion. Since she liked to stay inside, just let her be.

Max didn't notice a person walking out from behind after he left. That person looked at his back, then looked at the closed cabin, and walked up to the cabin with light steps, locking it, and her perfect delicate lips formed a curve.

It was getting dark, and the people on the cruise were getting more and more relaxed, and the atmosphere became more and more lively. With a glass of red wine in her hand, Rosa didn't drink it at all. She walked up to her and said in a soft voice, "Max."

Max glanced at her indifferently without any reply. As a woman who had been accustomed to such changes, Rosa did not feel e

x held her and walked out of the cabin step by step. He was surrounded by a sudden burst of heartache.

"Why don't you tell me?"

After they got out of the cabin, there was no one around them. He spoke in an indifferent tone which showed no emotion.

Leila paused, "what?"

Hearing that, Max squinted and lowered his head to stare at the woman in his arms. With a faint smile on his thin lips, he said, "You're afraid of darkness."

Leila pursed her lips. She had just calmed down in the darkness. She looked straight into Max's eyes and said calmly, "it's no use saying it, isn't it?"

How dare a woman question him back? At ordinary times, Max wouldn't be happy about that, neither would Leila say. But now in such a tense atmosphere, their mood changed, and there was an unfathomable smell in the air.

"Put me down."

After a long time, she said that. After a look at her, as she wished, the moment he put her down, Leila overestimated her ability of relieving. As soon as her feet touched the ground, they became paralyzed in an instant, which meant that she hadn't recovered yet. With quick eyes and quick hands, Max put his arms around her waist, and with a little strength in his arms, she leaned on him all the time.

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