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   Chapter 92 Attending A Wedding (Part Two)

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Leila was a little surprised to see her. When she looked at Moore, she suddenly realized that they were not right for her.

With these thoughts in her mind, Leila pursed her lips and looked at Rosa, who was walking gracefully towards Max. "Max, what a coincidence!" she said softly

In fact, men were able to see through a woman's little tricks at the first sight, but Max didn't answer after taking a glance at her indifferently.

Rosa seemed to have become accustomed to it. She turned around and looked at the guests on the cruise behind her. She asked in doubt, "are they all the guests of the wedding ceremony? Why don't they come?"

Hearing no response to her, Rosa understood. She smiled and said, "Max, you are still the same as before. You don't like too many people. But since we are friends, you have to give them respect."

Leila couldn't help biting her lips as she saw Leila being so thoughtful. Her difference with Rosa was obvious now.

A strange expression appeared in Max's eyes, and he said coldly, "whatever."

Leila looked up at him and lowered her eyes.

Since the distribution of people was even, it was no longer crowded on the cruise ship. With the sea breeze rippling, the nervous atmosphere due to Max gradually dissipated, and the guests began to liven up. The party was cheerful on the two cruise ships.

On this cruise, many of Max's friends were there, and he and Rosa were standing aside and talking. They seemed to get along very well.

Leila indifferently looked away. She stood on the deck, letting the sea breeze caress her hair.

Before long, a person walked to her side. Without turning around, here only Moore could take the initiative to talk to her. A cold voice soun

t he could have a heart to heart talk with childhood sweetheart. Wasn't he supposed to be satisfied with her behavior?

Said Max in a low and deep voice, while caressing her slightly swollen lips with her cold fingers. She could perceive the danger in her voice.

"Woman, you're being naughty again."

Leila was taken aback. She really couldn't understand the definition of "good" he said. She had already done it, and he was still dissatisfied with her no matter whether she turned a deaf ear or not. So was it the one he wanted?

Her heart was filled with the overbearing and reproach of Max for no reason. She pursed her lips and said, "I'm sorry."

She had no choice but to apologize, and her apologize enraged Max. The woman in front of him had become cunning. She no longer fought against himself, but obeyed him all the time. It was obvious that she compromised, but in fact, she became the king of his world!

Hearing that, a glimmer of coldness flashed in Max's eyes, and the torrent in them calmed down in an instant. He said in a stern tone, "Whoever apologizes to me will do. Since you want to be punished, I'll satisfy you."

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